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Gravity Rush: Remastered – A little disjointed, a little awkward gameplay-wise, but a short and fun experience

I’ve finally gotten around to playing Gravity Rush after owning the game for a few months now (bought it during a sale last year) and found it to be a great break in between two large games (Persona 5 and RDR2). I had always been intrigued by the art style and the idea behind the game, that being the ability to manipulate gravity. Knowing absolutely nothing about this game, I thought it was going to take the route of Journey and be a short story driven game with gravity based gameplay. When I discovered there was combat in the game and the ways you fight enemies while defying gravity, I was hooked on the game.

You either fight enemies on the ground with Kat, the main character, kicking them and using a dodge or take to the air and fly around, using gravity kicks and throwing objects you pick up to take out the Nevi (which is much easier and more satisfying than fighting on the ground). However, with the freedom of movement comes a little jank, that being the fact that you use the control stick the aim for enemies alongside gyro controls and then fly towards enemies. But, if they move ever so slightly, Kat gets flung all the away across the city which is annoying and happened a lot more than I would like to admit. This is especially annoying with flying enemies that move a lot, but once you upgrade Kat’s attack strength it’s stupid easy to take them out.

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As for the story… Like I mentioned in the title, I couldn’t help but find it was a little disjointed. I understand that this was a Vita game initially, so it was supposed to be a small $20 handheld experience, but playing this after playing in involved RPG made me feel like Kat jumped between characters and plot lines constantly. It was fine for what it is and I didn’t have a tough time following necessarily, but I feel as though the game could have used an extra 10 missions (of which there are normally 21) or so to flesh it out.

That being said, however, I greatly enjoyed the time I spent with it, and it only took me about two weeks to complete 100%, which is fine with me. For trophy hunters, this is an easy and satisfying platinum that won’t take up much of your time. For those looking for a game with a unique combat and gameplay loop, the gravity shifting is really fun, even if it’s a tad bit flawed at times.

Rating: 8/10 – can’t wait to play the sequel!


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