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GTA Vice City Stories is absolutely amazing, almost like an enhanced version of Vice City.

So in 2018 I replayed and completed all the main GTA games, GTA 3, VC, SA, 4 and 5. A few months ago I finally started looking into Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories – I ended up finishing GTA LCS a week ago and more recently GTA VCS, which is still glued in my head. I'm already missing these games and suffering post game depression if you would call it that.

Firstly, I played the PS2 version on the PCSX2 emulator and it was a quite laggy overall – not the most pleasant experience compared to GTA RE:LCS (the PC community mod port of liberty city stories to the PC Vice City engine) or PSP version emulation but I prefer the PS2 version over the PSP version and I got through it anyway. There isn't a good PC modification/version either. Perhaps my settings weren't configured correctly…

On to my thoughts..

I loved Victor Vance, he was so straight to the point and such a chill, loyal and a protagonist with morals and I felt so bad when Louise died, he found someone who he was happy with and even that disappeared in a flash. He didn't want to get into drugs and the bad business but both Victor Vance and his brother Lance just kept falling in deep. Victor and Lance's brotherly bond was just so warming and entertaining – you could tell Lance was much more of a nuisance compared to Lance in Vice City with Tommy.

The story is 10 times better than LCS – introduction to the story is better and the ending is better than LCS, with a much more memorable villain (Sgt Martinez, and later the Mendez brothers). I thought he was a friendly at the start of the game until Vic got kicked out of the army because of him – all the characters are awesome, the game actually made me laugh at some points – on the radio, the dialogue… it was great. Phil collins being the actual voice in the game and performing in an in-game concert… just mind-blowing and straight up cool.

The OST is absolutely gorgeous, VC and VCS are always games where I love listening to the radio as 80's tracks and old tracks are my tastes in music. I had points where I would just park down the road just to listen to the music, mostly Flash FM and Emotion.

Gameplay is awesome, it's clearly San Andreas with some adjustments like improved melee combat which is honestly really fun, best iteration of melee combat. Gotta make the best gameplay considering this is the last GTA 3D era game.

I'm so sad that Vic died at the beginning of Vice City, atleast he can be with Louise and later Lance also dies so he can be with his brother in heaven :'(. But at a honest viewpoint – after rewatching that scene in VC – it's so crap because Vic doesn't even look like Vic in VCS, he's older, more columbian, has no military stance, he is fat and sounds different (which makes sense since Rockstar didn't know that they would make this character, a character in a future game, so the redesign occurred). The sad thing is how Vic went through thousands of thugs, murderers, soldiers who wanted to kill him – he went through the army – destroyed crime businesses… now you're showing that Victor Vance who doesn't even look or sound like the Vic we love in VCS died from 3 gunmen? Rockstar just why… You could have said it was another random dealer or something..

It just seems like Vic got the worst ending in the GTA 3D era.. in VCS happy ending sure as we take down the villains and Vic "quits" crime life but 2 years later, Vic is suddenly just dead within minutes. Claude from 3 is alive, Tommy is alive, CJ is alive, Toni cipriani is still alive, but Vic Vance is dead 😭

Anyways It's such a shame that this game is quite underrated because it got overshadowed by other things going on at the time like the release of the new consoles at the time (PS3, Xbox 360), and it doesn't even have a mobile android/iOS port either… These games are playstation exclusives so its audience is limiting.. it's kinda sad not many people talk about LCS and VCS and just leave them out – they are really good games but the reasons to which this isn't happening are definitely valid.

I'm in the mood to replay GTA 3, VC and SA now.. still need to finish GTA 4 TLAD and TBOGT – hope those are good.


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