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Guide on how to play all the Metal gear games on PC.

I am going to post this post in multiple subs that might be interested in playing these games for the first time, and after playing them all more people need to experience these master pieces.

First if you have never played most people recommend playing them in release order,mg1,mg2,mgs1,mgs2,mgs3,portable ops,mgs4,mgs peacewalker, ground zeros, mgs5.

My personal recommendation however is mg1, mg2,mgs1,mgs2,mgs3,portable ops, peace walker, ground zeros, the phantom pain before ending it all with mgs4 as it ends the series absolutely perfectly, and I personally feel it’s the perfect way to end the series being set chronologically ahead of all the other games but either order works really. another note is technically you dont need to play mg1-2, they are old and very outdated, but i still think its worth it as mg2 has an amazing story and they help flesh out mgs1 a lot, i would say just try them and if you really cant stand them just move on to mgs1

Before continuing I don’t support piracy, and will always promote getting games the legit way, and if they where all on steam or some other store I would be promoting the hell out of that, but we don’t live in a perfect world, and I still feel like more people need to play these masterpieces, so i am providing an alternative for trying to find outdated consoles and games.

Anyway, how to play them all on pc, there are very few official releases but all can be played through some type of emulation. I have also provided links or some fixes and patches, and most of the games can be played on any gaming hardware perfectly fine for reference I have a gtx 1060 and i5-4690k. note I will not be linking where I found the non-official release games. Willing to help with any technical issues or discussions down in the comments. Without further ado:

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Mg1- gog release (

(super helpful walkthrough as the game is hard and vague)

Mg2- msx emulator and 🏴‍☠️ . (

) (super helpful walkthrough)

(note these two games are also available through MGS3 HD/Subsistence but i did not play them this way)

Mgs1-gog, with a widescreen Fix (check link up top)

Mgs2- gog, with V fix (borderline essential and super easy to dowload) (Can also be played through Psnow)

Mgs3- ps2 emulator, game from 🏴‍☠️ + widescreen and 60fps patch, activate cheats on the pcsx2 menu, go to video and put the settings to what you like.(can also be played through Psnow) (also available through ps3 emulation but my pc was not good enough)

Mgs portable ops- psp emulator, game from 🏴‍☠️, with a 60fps patch, Put the settings you like, activate cheats, change key binding to fix terrible controls (Technically this game is non-canon(not worked on by Kojima) but its story is relevant and I believe very interesting and essential)

Mgs peacewalker hd- ps3 emulator and 🏴‍☠️ (use build in drive to fix some glitches that occur otherwise) (can also be played on psnow)

Mgs ground zeros- Steam (thx god)

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Mgs the phantom pain- steam (thx god) (lots of cool mods for that game check them out on nexus)

Mgs4 ps3 emulator but my pc was not good enough so ended up watching a 4K ps3 emulator playthrough, but if your pc is good enough it should work on this custom build ,alternatively use the 7day free trial on psnow and see if you can run it that way,

( video I used.

Bonus games(non canon and future spinoffs)

Ghost babel-Gameboy non-canon spinoff set after mg1, its okay,

Metal gear the twin snakes-

Hilarious remake of mgs1, with matrix like cutscenes, not recommended for first mgs1 playthrough but it’s a fun time if you want to compare them,

Metal gear acid 1-2

Metal gear Gwent? idk I tried a bit and could not figure it out, but you can try if your curious through psp emulator.

Metal gear rising:revengence

Steam(thx god) spin off set after mgs4, just watch this and your sold.(brief footage of the first bossfight, about 10 miuntes into the game)

DO NOT CLICK,DO NOT PLAY>! >METAL GEAR SURVIVE, trust me, just don't. :<>( <!<

Anyway hopefully this encourages some people to check out the games, and sorry if there is bad spelling or formatting this is my first big post like this.

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