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Guides kinda ruin some games, yeah?

Content of the article: "Guides kinda ruin some games, yeah?"

I was playing payday 2 when the thought came to mind, People were complaining that it was too easy,

And well the thing is, they were all using the most efficient builds possible, and knew every advantage of each level,

Payday 2 is a game about heists, you have to plan and figure out the most efficient way to complete each "contract" (level)

The thing is, everyone online just looks up exactly what to do instead of figuring it out themselves,

So, ofcourse the game is too easy, you gave yourself the answer,

Other games are like this too, using the terraria wiki to find the most efficient items for killing bosses (the game is easy enough without having "every possible item", the fun is supposed to be discovery,)

If you already know everything then whats the point? You are just grinding now.

Dark souls: to be fair a little Google search here and there is fine, but you get my point,

You dont discover items, you look them up and walk to their "secret" location.

Which, again, just makes the game easy and less adventurous.

A lot of people HATE when this is talked about negatively, as if they feel personally attacked, "Its how I enjoy MY game"

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Its a fair point yeah, but even if its the way you enjoy playing, I still feel like it completely takes away from the experience,

especially in multi-player games

payday 2: the players already know everything. Which means they are going to tell me "that build sucks just use this build"

I'm only 21 so this makes me feel old, but remember when you had to just figure out games on your own? Remember re playing a game only to find tons of new stuff that blows your mind?

Games today are just… hand over your money and walk to the end of the game ._.


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