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Guild Wars 2. Redescovering it lately.

Content of the article: "Guild Wars 2. Redescovering it lately."

I bought this game in 2013 because it was the only quality MMORPG without paid sub. I've played like 20 hours and never touched it again till this year.

This year I wanted to play some cooperative RPG, that me and a friend could roam around the map, explore and have fun. We decided to try a MMORPG, since it happened to be the most similar experience to that.

We discarded Warcraft and FFXIV in part because of the heavy farming and the paid subscription, also we discarded Black Desert online because of the heavy grind nature of the game, and some others because of the same reason.

Then I remembered this game and I said, since it's free we can give it a try, I remember being kinda ok exploring the maps and doing hearts.

Well, for everyone here who likes ARPG, and MMORPG but don't want to lose their time in tons of hours of boring grind and farming. Just try this game. Back in the day it was criticised because it was way more "casual" than WOW wich was the refference. But I think that right now that is it's quality.

I've made a character and started doing heart to hears, exploring and completing maps, it's made in a way that you are having feedback and awards every few minutes by doing simple tasks, that are fun and that encourage you to explore the maps and it's architecture. It's not only fighting, there are interactive objects to try here and there, different kind of bosses dynamic events, world bosses, but there are also platforming challenges, also the views wich force you to explore the map and discover the path to get them if you want to.

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I think that levelling your character from 1 to 80 (max level) is such a funny and entertaining PvE experience, even alone. It doesn't feel never like endless farming or grinding, you always see new things, new kinds of missions and places, new people, it's pretty well designed to always be getting new positive feedback. Furthemore it doesn't matter if you are in a zone below your level, the experience will be almost the same so you have a steady curve. In 60-70 hours you will have a full level character and the character story completed.

But what's more important, all of that is for free, the base game experience is free, and it will take you at least 70 hours of content. But the story is diffetent for each race and you have several choices in the story, that add a lot of replayability. You could easily have 200 fun hours without much effort, and for free, that blew my mind, and almost made me regret having bought it back in the day.

I've ended up buying the expansions, wich are 30€ for both, or around 12€ on key shops. I'm just beginning with them, but they are plenty of things for your level 80 characters, enough content to pud dozens of hours on PvE. It's probably the happiest videogame purchase I've made in like 2 years.

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Appart from that the game has PvP and a bigger free roam Server vs Server. I don't know how it is today. I will have to try when I get more content.

Regarding the population, the game has a good community, very kind and willing to help most of times. In every map you will see several players, and the game has a lot of maps, it's not heavily populated unless you are in important parts of the world (central hubs, places where there's a big dynamic event or a world boss, etc) but it has enough quantity to not feel alone an talk with people to ask things.

The F2P aspect is really good and honest IMO. You log in, and you have the base game with some minor limitations (less characters per account for example, or the amount of builds) But you can play the game, story and dungeons of the base game, also PvP and WvW, without any restriction. You can unlock and buy any equipment piece that it isn't part of the expansions, the aspect for the pieces and etc.

You can really have a good GW2 experience without paying. But the game also has a store where you can exchange game's gold, or real money for gems. Those gems are used to buy a lot of cosmetic stuf and the Living world season's that have already ended. IMO it's pretty fair.

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