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Gurk 1 Review

Story – * As far as the story goes – I suppose the developers wanted you to come up with your own. There are no NPCs to speak to – barring shops that have no dialogue. Why are we here? How did these characters meet? Why are they hunting these monsters down? No-one knows. While there is an adventure to be had – you simply don't know what that adventure is. I feel like even a small summary or direction would be well appreciated here.

Design- ** While the design and UI are all functional – much is to be desired. The menu system is a mess, different buttons change function depending on which menu screen you're on. No, not in a dynamic way. Changing to the screen to see Gorlocks equipment should not swap the cancel or back button for the UI. There's simply no reason and it actually frustrates the user during inventory management – WHICH ALSO SUCKS. Overall, it will provide some frustration but nothing game-breaking. Obviously, much grace is given because this is the devs first game.

Combat – * * * * So, this is the entire game. No, really – the entire appeal to this game is the combat. Deadly, unforgiving, albeit simple; the combat is the shining star that is Gurk. You will come to know your three heroes intimately. You will know their every weakness, their gear in and out, and their capabilities. I won't forget the time Rugnar finally received his Sword of Power and finally promoted from being "Gorlock Protector" to "Absolute Menace on the Battlefield". Neither will I forget the time that Gorlock finally had enough supporting SP to become more than just a field medic and become the truly insane mad sorcerer that he is. Sincerely, each hero really comes out to shine in different environments and enemies. The least glamorous hero is Feraldon who never really came into his own during the late game. However, without Feraldon we would've never made it through mid-game – I will repeat that for any would-be players to NOT neglect their archer as for early and mid-game is impossible without this guy absolutely CARRYING the team.

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Price – * * * * * Can't beat free. No microtransactions either – also future note. I will never be playing and reviewing any RPG on mobile that has microtransactions.

Graphics – *** You might be thinking," Why would he give Gurk a 3-star graphic rating? It's all 8 bit!". True, it's all 8 bit and it makes NO apologies for doing so. Creatures, landscapes, characters, and spells are all rendered using a nostalgic 8-bit theme. While many modern players will say it leaves much to be desired – it had its individual charm and left enough to the imagination that I truly felt like Rugnar was going toe to toe in a desperate fight against the infamous red dragon.

Overall – ** An overall simple RPG that was a platform to launch their further GURK titles. It can entertain anyone willing to invest some time in learning their heroes and placement strategies. Many monsters were interesting with specific abilities that changed the dynamic of the battlefield. Though, many UI issues frustrated the parties' progress, and with no storyline nor NPC to boot I find it difficult to give this title more than 2 stars. For an absolutely free game – it's something worth picking up.


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