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Guys. I recently watched Undertale playthrough. And… I should to admit this game is masterpiece.

Unfortunately, I had no desire to complete the game on my own, so I decided to watch it on YouTube. I tried to play a pacifist game once, but something got me stuck. And from that point on, I started hating this game, telling people it was overrated. Not to say that I became a fan of this game. Not to mention the fact that this game has generated an unpleasant fandom. The problem is that I expected something more from this game because of the high ratings, as well as the fact that I was introduced to this game at the age of 18. By that time, I had probably outgrown such games, and I had already completed several JRPGs with a much richer plot.

But then I realized that I shouldn't have paid attention to the high scores of the game. And all the more so because Undertale is well, a very unusual fanomen in the gaming industry. Even by the standards of indie games, Undertale is an extremely unusual game that spat on the standards of the gaming industry.

And only from the realization of the fact that Toby Fox, being a gamer who played many games and took experience from other works, created a great postmodern work that turns all the cliches and tropes of video games.

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Of course, the game has serious drawbacks. To begin with, the game in terms of the plot may seem too childish and oversweet to an adult gamer like me. The game gives only the illusion of non-linearity, and the choice in the dialogues does not affect the plot in any way. I would also like to note that the game has serious problems with humor, which may seem too naive and stupid to you. And of course, painfully simple pixel art, compared to which games on the NES look more detailed. But I think that the poor graphics of Undertale can be written off as grotesque.

We can say that Undertale is essentially Alice in Wonderland from the world of video games. This game has a strange setting and a similar atmosphere. And I think that the book written by Lewis Carroll was one of the main inspirations for this game.

Now I'm really ashamed that I stopped this game. Man, I didn't think I'd say this, but Undertale is a masterpiece. And it's cool that many players have paid attention to this game, and it has become widely popular. After all, as a rule, such games remain invisible.


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