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Had a blast with Dishonored 2!

Content of the article: "Had a blast with Dishonored 2!"

I played DIshonored 2 after LOVING Prey Mooncrash, so I needed more of that Arkane gameplay and level design. I just beat it and I had such a blast. I played as Emily and did a stealthy as possible run, but I didn't save scum so if I got caught I would just roll with the punches. Even with trying to do full stealth I would still often get 100% 'Assault' rating, meaning the game thought I was just going in guns blazing. But what I love about this game is the gameplay, it feels so much fun, has such great tension in the hiding and trap setting, and the waiting and planning. To me, Arkane's games are very mentally stimulating.

Hand in hand with the gameplay is the level design. So many hidden passages and alternate routes. I always wanted to play a level once exploring every nook and cranny possible, and then immediately replay it again now I that I know all the optimal ways of moving through the area. I watched a '100% speedrun' of the game and my mind was blown by how many areas I was missing, even when trying to explore everything in a level. And the levels are brilliant because nothing is hidden, everything is in plain sight but you just overlooked it. In addition Arkane has stumbled upon a really cool way of making levels – having the first part being exploring a more open outside city area where you can do little side quests and freely explore, then the second half is infiltrating the bad guys base and messing them up. It's a good balance of different flavors of areas.

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The writing is also great. I read all the books and newspapers, overheard as many of the conversations as possible, and read Emily's diary for each new mission. I really like the antagonist Delilah, some of her lines that I love are "Your mother died instantly with a knife through the heart while mine lingered for weeks after a fat guard broke her jaw." Or "Then I became Anton Sokolov's maid, that's the polite way of putting it." And on Emily's journey she has to re-evaluate if she is a good empress now that she has seen the shit her people are living under, and how she allowed it to happen. But unfortunately by the end Delilah is 100% evil with no grey area, which is a shame because I think it would have been a little more interesting to have you question the society that they live in a little more if Deliiah could have had some redeeming characteristics.

Anyway, Arkane is my new favorite studio, can't wait for the next game Deathloop, which is a timed PS4 exclusive coming out next year.


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