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Halo 3: ODST is the best Halo

Content of the article: "Halo 3: ODST is the best Halo"

Playing through the MCC has been an interesting experience for me. The only games I'd played in the whole series were Reach and 4, so I didn't have the nostalgia for the series that most people have. Nevertheless I think all the Halo games are at least good (in the case of Combat Evolved, just OK) and are at best excellent. Halo 3 was my own favorite so far, but I wasn't ready for the experience that was ODST.

ODST is much smaller in scope and different in tone than any of the Halo games. Reach is what it's closest to in every respect, but even Noble Team is still a group of Spartans who can do anything. The rest of the Halo games are Master Chief going around winning the entire war against the Covenant in a day. ODST is about a group of people who've been fighting a losing battle for the whole war, and can only really be concerned with getting out of a city with their lives, and completing their mission if they're lucky.

The voice talent really shows its worth. ODST is better written and voiced than any other Halo game by far in my opinion. Its characters feel like real human beings rather than the Doomguy-with-a-voice Master Chief or whatever Arbiter is. I feel like the fact that half the cast is from Firefly makes them work together a bit better, too. The gunplay itself isn't too different from the mainline games, aside from the fact that your character is a little weaker and has night vision. The real change is the mission structure. Half the game is structured missions like regular old Halo, and all of them are excellent. The other portion is a semi-open world which has a few collectibles to find and is the place where all the main missions intersect at one point or another. It's not the best open world because there's not really anything to do aside from going from one mission to the next, but it's made better by the excellent moody music and the somber, quiet tone.

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Overall, ODST takes what's great about Halo and focuses it into a tight, well-written narrative about great characters doing their best to survive in a situation that Chief and Cortana would blaze through in about 2 levels. Literally. That's what they did in Halo 2. 9/10 would reccommend


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