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Halo 3 Was the Halo Killer

Content of the article: "Halo 3 Was the Halo Killer"

Firstly l'll explain the title.

Back in the mid-late 2000's Halo was the king of the hill as far as the FPS genre goes, and thus every new shooter released was compared to the franchise; countless 'Halo Killer' titles were hyped up but practically none of them succeeded because Halo 3 already did the deed.

To begin with, the ending wasn't ambiguous enough to set up a new trilogy, so Halo 4 felt unnecessary and tonally jarring. Although we see Requiem in the legendary ending, that is literally just an outline.

Next we have the era it released in and why Halo 4 onwards (along with other big shooter entries) felt extremely backwards. By 2012, the industry was moving away from the annual blockbuster shooter, we started to get more bespoke and multi-faceted entries like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and even Call of Duty experimented with a more unorthodox campaign offering with Black Ops 2.

Thirdly, Halo's multiplayer and competitive scene peaked with Halo 3. MLG playlists and the game's playlist specific rankings meant that most matches were fair and the elite could get their fix, not only this but Halo 2's poor weapon balance was gone and most of Halo 3's map roster is classic; there were also a lot of maps by the end, not to mention the advent of Forge mode.

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Lastly, Microsoft were determined to Marvel-ise the franchise which drove it into the ground. All you needed to understand Halo 3 was to have played Halo 2, even playing the original was a luxury rather than a necessity. Halo: Reach toed the line by having you play in a scenario central to the lore of Halo, which was mentioned frequently enough to spark interest but leave it ambiguous. By Halo 4? The villain was from the comics and collectible terminals in it's predecessor and those who were unfamiliar with Forerunner lore were left to scour the wiki and YouTube to understand the significance of this character, who later died in a comic just to make it worse.

Tl;DR: The finality to Halo 3's ending, sheer quality of the multiplayer, the direction of the industry and Microsoft's lust for a multimedia Halo empire doomed the franchise to future mediocrity.


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