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Halo is amazing and I can’t believe I never played it

Content of the article: "Halo is amazing and I can’t believe I never played it"

First off, I will not be talking about the multiplayer, it sucks. Second, I played it on the Masterchief Collection. Last but not least, I played some maps with the updated graphics and some with the original graphics, so I have no basis to say whether the graphics held up really, although I did think the anniversary edition maps looks consistently better.

It's been 18 years since Halo released, and in those 18 years I've managed to A.) not play it, and B.) avoid any spoilers for it. What I have heard, though, is that it's an amazing game that revolutionized gaming forever. It lives up to the hype.

Let me start with the story. I won't say much about it because I didn't think too deeply on it and also because I played the game in 3 parts, each part months apart from each other. I will say that it's an amazing story that managed to hold my attention and be interesting the entire time. The characters were well written, the voices were well acted, and the pacing was just right. Top notch.

Next is the combat. The combat in this game is really fun and, for the time, revolutionizing. The enemies had amazing A.I. that would make great plays and outsmart you. They would fight each other and make you feel like you were a part of something bigger. They each had their own way of being beaten. If you lost in a fight it wasn't because the enemy had more health than you had ammo, or that the boss was too bullet spongy, it was usually entirely your fault, and you had to learn from your mistakes and outsmart the A.I.. It felt amazing to beat the game, and every mission, because it was so challenging in a way that you only had yourself to blame. Truly amazing design, and for this to be Bungie's big debut, not to mention their first FPS game as a whole, is astounding.

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On to the controls. As I said before, Halo revolutionized a lot of gaming, and this includes the control scheme. The aim assist, the grenades, the weapon switch, the reload, almost all of it was formed by Halo. The controls are intuitive and easy to learn. Good design, so good that almost every FPS game after used elements from it.

Honorable mentions: Vehicles, physics, and animations.

Vehicles felt pretty nice to drive and shoot from, except the fucking flying Covenant thing. That thing sucks and is hard to control.

The physics were pretty good, although nothing on, say, Half Life 2.

The animations were really good. The reloads felt nice and weighty, and the embark and disembark animations on vehicles looked realistic and well done. the grenade throw, cutscenes, idle, and melee animations are all superb. Great work from Bungie.

I probably forgot something, but that's all I can think of. I highly recommend Halo to anyone.


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