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Have a few games in my PS4 cart, looking for suggestions on whether to keep or remove any.

I got my stimulus check and I'm putting a bit towards some games. There's a decent sale going on and each of these games will offer plenty of play time. I'm a very budget oriented gamer so I try to find Complete/GOTY/Gold type editions or even bundles.

I have a budget of about $200. So far I have the following in my cart:

Spider-man GOTY for $20. This is a no brainer. It's the cheapest I've been able to find it and I've wanted it since release so I don't really need guidance on this one. I only added it because it's part of the total budget.

Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition for $50: I love BL1,2 and mostly enjoyed the Pre-Sequel. I have BL1 on PS3 and PC, BL2 on PS3, PS4, and PC, and the PS on PC and PS4. I have plenty of playtime in those and need something new. I will be playing solo quite often but my girlfriend also wants to play. Is there a better, cheaper edition to try? I don't care about having extra skins or anything, even though I'll use them if available, but I do like having all of the playable content if it's there.

Little Nightmares complete Edition for $7.49: I played the base game on PC and it quickly became my favorite horror game. But I've never played any of the DLC. I also haven't played LM2 or the mobile version, so I'm planning on giving those a try eventually too.

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Assassin's Creed Triple Pack: Black Flag, Unity, and Syndicate for $22.49: I currently have AC1, 2, BH, Revelations, and 3. I'm looking to continue the series and this seems like a fantastic deal.

Assassin's Creed Bundle: Odyssey, Origins, and Valhalla, for $63.99. I've seen and heard a lot about these last few games ad how grindy they are. I love grindy games. And all of the gameplay looks absolutely phenomenal to me. Plus it's the last 3 games for basically $20 each.

Just Cause 4 gold Edition of $11.99: Okay hear me out. Just Cause 2 is one of my favorite games on Steam. I keep it installed whenever I just want something to go back to quick. I also have JC1 on Steam, JC3 complete on PS4, and Just Cause 4 base game on PS4 via PSPlus. I recently completed most of JC3(short of the leaderboard based trophies). I had an absolute blast. But I had enough of Medici and tried JC4. I've put about 10 hours into it and while there are definitely some things that JC2 and 3 do way better, I'm having a ton of fun. One of the things about JC3 I loved so much was the rocket powered wingsuit. But it was a DLC item. I never needed to steal another vehicle after I got it. So I'm curious if the DLC in JC4 provides anything like that. I know you get a basic rocket wingsuit but it's fairly weak and I love being able to launch myself off the ground or out of the water with the one in JC4.

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That's about $175 after taxes so far. I guess I'm mostly curious if these are good versions of the games to buy, or if I should go with others or completely remove any.

The other game I want is the Kingdom Hearts All In One pack but that's way cheaper for a physical copy.

Any thoughts?

Also, I want to add, I don't presume to have any of these games be completed soon or anything. I just like grabbing a few games on sale when I can and then having those be what I play over the next year or however long this quarantine lasts.


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