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Have these past 3 WoW expansions been “inspired” by the first 3 WoW expansions?

Content of the article: "Have these past 3 WoW expansions been “inspired” by the first 3 WoW expansions?"

Right now to me, it seems that way. Not only in theme, but also in a few design choices. Obviously they are still very different, but it seems like they may have taken some inspiration for each.

Legion = The Burning Crusade

Battle for Azeroth = Vanilla WoW

Shadowlands = Wrath of the Lich King

I mean let's go ahead and take a look at BFA.

  1. Focus on "faction warfare" (even though it was a lot of PvE). The faction vs faction was a big focus in vanilla. Just watching the original trailer, all they talk about is the horde vs alliance theme.
  2. Attempting to "revitalize" open world PvP. In vanilla, open world pvp was a pretty big part of the game. Everyone has a "story" of open world PvP from those days. In BFA they tried to put another focus on this and revitalize it with warmode ,bounties, supply drops, etc.
  3. Corruption gear reminds me heavily of a "resistance" type of setup. Where the goal is to build up a resist to X so that you can do the endgame more easily. They did change it up a bit in terms of the "activities" you need to do (instead of just running X dungeon/raid a bunch or buying Y off the AH). And they also added in "procs" to add another layer to it.
  4. PvP feels similar. If you played classic right now to see a live example, the meta is very…one shot heavy. You have classes dealing tons amount of damage (assuming they're decently geared) in one shot or a few. An example being a warrior in full R14 gear, but gets about 60% of his HP taken out by one spell. In BFA, you may see similar situations with players in full corruption gear. Taking advantage of the on procs. There have been quite a few occasions in pvp matches where we're talking about PvP, TBC, and retail. And usually someone complains about X class one shotting (I find it often to be spell casters). Followed by this is always a comment on how retail is so close to being similar with corruption on procs.
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So it sort of got me thinking about this whole thing and I'm wondering if they're taking inspiration from the original trio. Not direct copies, but maybe they're trying to find the "popular" things from those times and see if they can morph them into a more modern concept. It being successful or not is a hot topic for debate, but it makes me wonder if SL will have similarities too.


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