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Have you been completely obsessed by a game ?

Content of the article: "Have you been completely obsessed by a game ?"

For me it's Titanfall, the first one.

With the recent Steam released, the game got a small player boost, so I played it again, and I fell back again into the rabbit hole.

Not that I play the game that much, I wish I could, but the community is so small that I can only play my favourite mode (CTF) for only a limited window of time every day, when you have a few people connected on the mode.

But I keep thinking about it, how I wish it would have been more popular, what I would have changed, over-analysing even the most insignificant bit of the game, reading old reviews or interviews from back when the game was released…

I'm not really the kind of guy to buy goodies and stuff, Titanfall is the only game that made me go out of my way to buy a book about the art of the game, I also bought The Final Hours of Titanfall a documentary about the creation of the game (granted I bought both these things for dirt cheap), my brother offered me a Titanfall mug, and despite broking the handle years ago, I glued it back and still use it daily.

I think my obsession for this game far surpasses my actual liking of it (it's far from being perfect) or the time I've played it (waaaay less than R6 Siege), and it's very specific to this precise game (I don't care that much about the sequel or Apex Legend set in the same universe).

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I think it's a combination of things that makes the game fascinating for me : A game I liked very much, but I was not able to play as much as I wanted. One that nailed some very hard things, while falling flat on some trivial aspects (technical issues, basic features missing, weapon balancing…). A game that was created in a perfect storm (the CoD creators leaving the confinement of Activision to make a new IP gave them just the right amount of creative freedom, while still having some heavy budget and time constraint forcing them to take bold decisions), and that even its creators don't seem to fully understand.

And you ?

What is this game you can't take out of your mind for any reason ?


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