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Have you ever played a game that was good but a similar game you played previously completely took the wind out of its sails?

Content of the article: "Have you ever played a game that was good but a similar game you played previously completely took the wind out of its sails?"

I'll name two examples for me personally.

Bloodborne. Great game on its own. I see its praises sung everyday and I totally see how this is a landmark game for people who maybe had this as their first souls-like game. But having played Dark Souls 1 before that, I came in with some expectations. While BB had a few cool new things it brought to the table like the trick weapons and a good atmosphere and it streamlined a few things, it just didn't have the highs that DS had for me. There were no reveals on the level of DS after you basically clear your first major objective (trying to keep it vague just in case) and there was less overall to feel satisfied over because the game was less cheeky with its pitfalls and status effects so it sometimes felt kinda tame in comparison. DS was my first souls game, so I wanna keep that in mind, which is why I understand it when people love BB, but can't do DS because it's both more dated and more complex. Still, I have a feeling that even if I played BB first and then went and played DS, I still would've preferred DS overall. I have that pretty often with games, like MGS4 was my first Metal Gear game and it blew me away, but after playing MGS3 I was just like woah, this is a whole new level here. I like to think I can see a game for what it is even if I played a different, possibly more modern variant of it. Wonder if anyone feels the same way.

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The other example I wanna name is Persona 5. This is not so much P5's fault, but it just goes to show that it's hard not to go into a game you never played without any preconceived notions and that was the case with me here. Prior to picking the game up, I got into the Yakuza series which are set in Tokyo, the red light district to be more exact, and P5 also takes place in Tokyo. Both games actually put a ton of real world detail into their environments, albeit in a bit more of a cartoony way in P5. So in the first hours of P5 when you get to walk around a few areas of Tokyo I thought oh, I see what this is. There'll be the usual items you can buy at shops, some minigames, some sidequests, kinda similar to Yakuza. Well, the items are mostly similar, but the minigames never really came and there's no real world to truly explore and take your time with. Instead your locked into this day-by-day structure where you can do two activities per day. And they're not really activities in the sense that you have to do something mechanically. It's more about what you choose to do and the rest basically takes care of itself. So having played the Yakuza games with all this depth and variety in things that you can do made P5 feel really restrictive and after a few times of giving up on it I recently picked it up again and played it to completion and came to appreciate it more for what it is. It's a really cool game but you have to be down with following its rules very strictly, where most games kinda give you the room to take your time as long as you want and tend to give you more freedom in activities which there really isn't much of in P5. It's a turn-based JRPG dressed up as a virtual tourism sim. It completely threw me for a loop.

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Anyway, just wanted to give a few examples but I'm very interested if people had similar experiences and if so what were they for you? (Try to minimize spoilers for people just in case or tag them as spoilers, thx)


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