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Having trouble enjoying Pillars of Eternity

Content of the article: "Having trouble enjoying Pillars of Eternity"

I wanted to give Pillars of Eternity a shot since I received it free via Twitch Prime a while back. As someone who is a big fan of Divinity Original Sin 2, PoE seems much more mechanically overwhelming for some reason.

For context, I'm up to the point where I just received the Stronghold and have recruited 4 NPC companions and 1 hired follower, in attempts to recruit most if not all of the game's NPC's early.

In combat, I can't really tell much of what is immediately going on, even with auto pause settings enabled for various actions. I don't feel any feedback saying I did "x" amount of damage to the enemy and I feel like I have to read the combat log in order to know what is happening. I also have trouble determining whether or not certain attacks, spells, and even weapon equipment are useful against certain enemies because apparently there are 4 different defense calculators that all combatants possess and I don't know which ones counter which attack styles.

It's also counter-intuitive to me to be unable to restore health via conventional methods like potions/healing spells and having to adapt to the understanding of the endurance mechanic, which I personally dislike. I'm also not a fan of how magic spells are "x" uses per rest but maybe that's an old school RPG thing.

I guess the most prevalent thing I have trouble with is how text-heavy the game is without full voice acting. I'm all for reading about the backgrounds of main story plots and main characters, but I usually want to minimize the amount of fluff and exposition for things that deviate from those, like for instance I skip most of the Watcher interactions with the "unresponsive NPC's" because I don't know if the 2 pages of text are important to the main plot.

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I guess what I want to know is, if I don't really enjoy the game now, should I make a better effort into trying to enjoy the combat/read more of the dialogues? Or is it probably just not the game for me?


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