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Here are all the games I beat this March

So this is the third month of this (previous month post here) I almost wasn't going to post this as I don't think they make great discussion threads after all but thought I would give it one more attempt. but I will keep it shorter this time.

So here are the games I beat this month (in order)

The Under Presents – is a VR "theatrical adventure" as they call it Initially I thought this was going to be a more passive experience but as it turns out there are puzzles in-game that change the outcome of the story, ultimately I found it an interesting concept but the story never really gripped me and the puzzles were often too unclear.

Destroy All Humans! – I played this originally on the Xbox but had forgotten about it and replayed it on the newer Steam remaster release. The game was fun but a lot less of a sandbox than I remembered. Maybe I mixed in my head with the sequel, each level is rather short and doest really require much tact.I liked the voice acting and humour though.

Thief (2014) – Fun fact I originally got the game free with my graphics card, an R9 290 it took me a while to play it though as now have a 1080 ti. I can see why fans of the original would be disappointed by this, it played like a poor mans Dishonored but levels are too narrow and restrictive maybe plague tale would be a better comparison, though I did like the game's re-use of the map I thought that was neat. Also, every chapter seemed to end with the player getting caught or making a brazen escape which didn't make me feel a very successful thief.

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Exodemon – A pretty short but Fun Retro/Boomer shooter, not much to say about it really level design was good weapon variety was good, enemy variety could have been a bit better, also the player casts attack from the hand instead of distinct guns making it hard to identify the weapon you are using at a glance.

Obduction – From the makers of Myst I played this in VR but honestly had a pretty poor time, performance was really bad and the controls did not work all that well in VR. that aside I didn't really enjoy the game I had not played a Cyan game before so maybe this is exactly what myst fans wanted but I found it really unclear what the object was at times and where I needed to go the puzzle themselves were simple I just never knew what to do next or why I was doing anything. I did like the FMV characters though.

I Am Alive – I originally played this on XBLA and I could have sworn this was earlier in the consoles Lifespan (like how did last of us and Son of Rome come out the following year?) I really liked the game despite its mixed reviews, the main gimmick is this game's tight resource management guns are extremely powerful but ammo is a limited resource even unloaded guns can be used to bluff, the game is linear but has an open concept map which year roam around in. the story was decently interesting too without going into spoilers

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Deadpool – Now delisted from steam, I found it pretty fun it's a pretty standard Action game with dead pool humour lots of fourth wall breaking and cheap gags, I probably should have played it on the harder difficulty though as I played on Normal and had a rather easy time with it.

Bastion – I must have gotten this game mixed up with braid in my head because I went in with a completely different mental image of this game, it's an isometric hack'n slash It was quite fun but not that hard, the story was predictable but still decent, but I thought the narration got a little tired by the midpoint but pick up again by the end, also a really great soundtrack.

This brings my total up to 23 games beaten this year I'm never going to beat all my games on my backlog but it feels good to at least make some progress.


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