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Here is my first strategy game called The Revived Throne! Feel free to have a try!

I’m a game developer. I found my passion in video games back in 1992. I’ve always been obsessed with the fantasy genre, more specifically dark and mysterious elements such as undead, liches, vampires and skeletons. Having worked for over 10 years in game development, I spent 3 years of my own time prototyping and finally giving birth to this dark fantasy strategy game. It’s called The Revived Throne. I’m here to share it with you all and I really hope you enjoy it!

Strategy game is the type of gameplay that I like best. I spent most of my childhood playing hardcore strategy games like the games from Paradox. Then came the Mobile Gaming Era, I saw that a lot of vertical version of strategy game sprang up and began to support multiplayer. I fell in love with them but eventually grew tired of the identical game modes and game play mechanics. This was when I began contemplating making my own since I had a lot of experience playing strategy game. The game tells a story of a resurrected lord called the Revived King’s conflicts with the other undeads. Before his death, the Revived King was a kind-hearted and much-loved lord. After being brutally betrayed and murdered, his grievances could not be dissipated but instead concentrated to form the soul of the Revived King. You will learn about the protagonist through a diverse array of game tasks, dialogues and plots. During the game, you, the Revived King need to build your kingdom; call upon the undead; strengthen your army; expand the land and achieve your final goal. In the process, you will meet enemies in the wild and other players or forces, they might have connections with you. Will it be cooperation or will it be confrontation?

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This game has complex multiplayer features and was very challenging and time-consuming for me as a designer and developer. . . I made sure that every detail was polished on the server-side and client-side.

I struggled for a long time and finally I chose the mode of free download and in-app purchase. The reason I gave up pay-per-download is that I want more people to play my game. I would be grateful if you like it or even are willing to pay for support. Of course, you still could play well without spending a single penny. You’re able to download it by searching The Revived Throne on Google Play.

Anyway, I have said so much. I posted a few pictures of my game here. I’m not good at PS. These pictures are all designed by my old friend. They mainly express the concept and thoughts of the whole game. I’m quite satisfied, he is impressive.

All in all, here are some words I wrote for this game. Hope you like it:

The power of the dead is waiting for you to come…

With the power of the dead, claim your rightful place in your throne, capture the despicable enemies, sign contracts with other lords, fight epic battles, and destroy anyone who stands in your way.

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You lost everything because of an unexpected betrayal, but the power of the dead revived you and gave you a second chance. Rule your city and build an undead army, return to the battlefield, slay the traitors, send your army to sack their cities, destroy their army and capture their champions for your use! Real-time battles full of strategies will give you more than enough space to show your worth as a commander!

——The throne is waiting for you to return——

Link of the pictures

Link of my game (Test version)

My discord:

It’s my first game. Feel free to comment and contact me if you have any questions! Thank you!


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