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Here’s what I learned about Blizzard refunds from trying to refund Black Ops: Cold War.

Content of the article: "Here’s what I learned about Blizzard refunds from trying to refund Black Ops: Cold War."

As a "rule", Blizzard does not allow refunds of digital purchases. It states in their policy that "All digital sales are final", and one GM likened starting a digital application I purchased to cracking the seal on a new game case– it is now, officially, a "used" item.

That said, they do allow what they call "exceptions". Despite making my case that BO:CW is an incomplete, poorly made, falsely advertised, and buggy mess, naturally they didn't consider me an acceptable "exception" to make. Because I didn't follow their unofficial, internal policy rules.

Because I "played" the game for more than TWO HOURS.


In spite of them not being willing to disclose internal policy, the GM that I spoke to elaborated that if my playtime is over two hours, they cannot issue a refund. It is, functionally, internal company policy.

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So, what are your options?

1.) Give them a sob story. Don't complain about the game.

  • Even if it's a true one, if you give them some emotional or ethical appeal to refund your game, your chances are greater than if you hadn't and just asked them for it. Make something up, tell them a story that is believable. Bonus points if it's actually true. You got fired, you have to make rent, you have somebody in the hospital, you're struggling with addiction, your relative has COVID, you have to pay for insulin, whatever.

2.) Don't "play" for more than two hours.

  • If you give them a sob story and your game account registers the game as being open for LESS than two hours, you stand a chance of a GM taking pity on you and attempting to refund your game.

3.) If all else fails in your pursuit of a refund, chargeback.

  • This one is tricky and I won't be pursuing it because I honestly am tired of trying to get good customer service out of Blizzard. They don't want to give it, they can keep my $60 and I'll just unsub and not buy their games anymore. Easy!
  • THAT SAID: If you aren't getting the refund you want, make sure to document your interactions with GM's and support staff, document game errors/bugs/etc., and try to get a chargeback from your bank.
  • WARNING: If you decide to chargeback, Blizzard will likely delete/lock your BattleNet account forever. So if you're playing WoW, Hearthstone, Modern Warfare, Classic WoW, or HotS (LMAO), you're likely going to be screwed out of those purchases you made forever.
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