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Hey Blizzard, Wth

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So I haven't been on battledotnet in a few weeks as I have been playing other games, but I got back on today to play Overwatch with a few friends. While I'm still able to play with friends, I got a notif when accessing the store for loot boxes (as Overwatch gave a notif by the loot box option) stating there was a special offer. Curiosity sent me to look at it, and luckily I did, because for some reason…

Blizzard set up parental controls on my account. I can't access anything mtx related.

This isn't particularly a negative thing towards me personally, I rarely buy loot boxes or anything mtx related in relation to Blizzard (or any game for that matter.

What irks me to no end is WHY DOES MY ACCOUNT HAVE PARENTAL CONTROLS? I'm almost 21 ffs, I should not have to be dealing with this crap at any point in time. There is no reason my account should have had parental controls, Blizzard. None. I never made the account when I was a minor, I never put down a false birthday, and I'm over 18. No other email is associated with my account and from looking at other posts online – of the few that happened to be available – it's because Blizzard essentially sets up parental controls through a "gibberish" email that doesn't mean shit. And furthermore, it seems from those same posts that I can find, Blizzard would require me to send EXTREMELY personal data – like a drivers license – to them via a picture in their ticket to support.

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So not only do I have to deal with this waiting BS from Blizzard support – which might take around 24 hours and maybe longer if they decide to message me while I'm at work or asleep – I have to deal with not knowing whether or not in the future that I may have to deal with this again.

I've known for a while that Blizzard isn't exactly a top-notch company but this is ridiculous. All these hoops just so that… what… minors can't buy microtransactions? You're literally just being pains in my arse just to be a pain.

This issue better be resolved soon, because this shouldn't have happened in the first place.


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