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Hey I’m having an issue with my PS4 pro wondering if anyone can help me understand what I’m dealing with?

Content of the article: "Hey I’m having an issue with my PS4 pro wondering if anyone can help me understand what I’m dealing with?"

I gave my 4 year old PS4 to my nephew so I decided to buy a new one so I bought a PS4 pro towards the end of 2019 anyways I had no issues until about April I turned off my PS4 the correct way (Like I didn't just unplug it or anything like that lol) well I went to turn it back on and the light blinked like it was powering up and then immediately turned back off and when I would click the power button nothing would happen after unplugging the power cord from the back and plugging it back in it would power up… then turn off immediately. So I kept it unplugged for two hours and plugged it back in and I powered it on and it stayed on but soon as it was turned off I would have the same issue again. So I had it taken in and fixed got it back 1-2 weeks later. And it's been working fine since but I just noticed the other day that it has happing again like what it was doing before it's doing the EXACT same thing. So I called the place that it got fixed from and they told me to bring it in and they will fix it.

I wanted to see if any of you had a similar issue or came across someone who had a similar issue and possibly know what's going on? Because when this happens like both times it happened it wouldn't turn on but if I left it unplugged for 2 hours and plugged it back in it would turn on and stay on but soon as I turned it off, it would power up and then immediately turn off. I don't know if this is the right place to post this. I'm not a huge gamer you know I play different PlayStation games and watch different stuff with my PS4 but I figured a lot of people on here would know way a hell of a lot more about PS4 and PlayStations in general then me..

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if you have any suggestions or things it could be or what I should tell the people when I drop it off my PS4 to get fixed, And it would be awesome if I had some more information on what It could possibly be dealing with.

Thank you for your time.. Any help you can give me I would be extremely grateful. (:


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