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Hitman 2016 is a delightful mix of stealth and chaos that is too short.

(Note: I tried to sprinkle a little bit of jokes in so not everything in this post may be true.) I recently finished hitman 2016 and it was one of the most fun stealth games I have played in a while. I'm the kind of person that likes call of duty because when I was younger I played a lot of zombies and probably died a lot in multiplayer , I still do play cod but I've been more interested in tactical/stealth based games like MGS. I find a smooth silent takedown animation more rewarding than being given a virtual metal for sitting in a corner shooting people in the face, Which is why I played hitman. I have game pass for xbox so I decided that hitman looked fun, and it was the first one in the rebooted series(Hitman I – Hitman III). I started up the first mission, it had the basics like walking, crouching, running, and interacting, but it had more advanced features that I had never really seen before like dragging bodies and disguises. There was a level of interaction that is almost exclusive to the hitman series, from turning on a faucet to picking up a fire extinguisher and hitting people on the head with it. You can use almost anything you find as a weapon and while it is not perfect, the physics and reality of how something would work as a weapon comes into play, like if you throw anything with enough force you can knock them out, but if you have something sharp it will for sure kill someone if you throw it with the same force.The AI try realistic but end up eather doing something incredibly stupid , like running from a hitman with a loaded pistol, or gets suspicious because you are looking at him funny and tells authorities that a bald man is committing mass murder with a fire axe. The story can be a little confusing at times so I will explain it the best I can without spoilers, you are agent 47, a hitman (what a surprise) assasinateing targets from a mysterious client. The targets are part of an international organization of spys that are evil, the client is paying you in intel on the spys and their plans of world domination. The targets are stereotypical rich people who have gone mad from one too many filet o fish and suddenly want to start world war 3. There is a cult in the mix that is helping transport a weapon of mass destruction through a series of sleeper agents to the spy ring. Overall, the stealth is great and on par with mgs and the story is enticing, the AI can sometimes be buggy but I did not experience games breaking bugs, I didnt experience any bugs that affected my playthrough at all actually, I have not played the 2 newer games so I will need to get to those but this game was very enjoyable and put my mind to the test, 8/10. This is my first review/game recommendation so feel free to let me know what you thought of it!

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