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Hitman 2016 Is the Best Stealth Game I’ve Played

Content of the article: "Hitman 2016 Is the Best Stealth Game I’ve Played"

I’ve nearly completed every challenge in the game, including those from the DLCs. It’s the first Hitman game I’ve played, and I love it.

It’s not perfect, for reasons I’ll get into, but the game is a master class.

Each level feels like it’s full of life, especially Sapienza, which could be the backdrop of an entire game by itself. The small details that bring the games background story to life are wonderful.

The gameplay is excellent, the disguise mechanics, hiding and evasion, and even the gunplay all simply work, and work well, not once do I feel like I’m being held back from doing what I want to do by buggy game design.

The opportunity system does a decent job at guiding you to how you can get some really cool events to play out(my favorites are the opportunities where the main character talks with one of the targets, it’s so rare and he’s always super menacing during these deadly chats)

The characters are cool, each target has a unique personality and it’s often fun to just follow them around to see what they have to say, some of the dynamics between different targets even end up being interesting enough that they could carry their own movie(for instance the Paris targets, after following them around enough, are revealed to effectively be in a chess match, with the winner being who kills who first), this usually has no bearing on the gameplay, it’s just detailed world design, and I love it.

My only real issues with the game are with how the world responds to your actions. If I kill one of my two targets, and the body is found, if I hide for long enough and they stop searching, it’s like nothing has changed in the world, most relevant characters don’t behave differently, even though it would make sense most of the time, the other target/s never even seems to hear about it, everything is as normal.

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An extreme example that bugged me was the Colorado mission, I killed the entire militia, except for the 4 targets, just to see what would happen, since I was curious how these characters would respond to effectively their entire goal being shattered, and they just returned to their usual routes like nothing had happened. It was nuts.

In terms of gameplay, the targets are virtually indistinguishable from each other, even when they shouldn’t be. Also in Colorado, there was one character who is billed as being an ex-assassin, really dangerous, and if you point your gun at her, she cowers like any other non-security NPC, which was disappointing. The same is true with a general in another level.

In one of the DLCs, you’re taking on a politician who is also a mobster. I put some poison in a drink I knew he was going to pick up, and when he did, he takes a whiff of it and says something about it being too “fermented” I was thrilled, I thought he could smell the poison or something, his background in the mob was helping him here. Turns out, that’s just what he does every time he picked up the drink for the first time, he later comes back and drinks it no problem.

This is an excellent game, and I recommend it thoroughly, especially if you can ever get it on sale.


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