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Hitman 3 – Hands-on impressions

Content of the article: "Hitman 3 – Hands-on impressions"

ACG: Hitman 3 – Hands-on preview – Hitman 3 Preview: A promising conclusion to the trilogy

Destructoid – Hitman 3 is more Hitman, and that's fine by me

Eurogamer: Hitman 3 feels like a well-deserved victory lap for IO's series

Game Informer: Beating Hitman 3's first mission in 10 minutes

Gamereactor: Hitman 3 – Agent 47 is back for one last hurrah

Game Revolution: Hitman 3 preview – potentially the strongest and most thorough Hitman to date

GameSpot: How Hitman 3 expands on the previous games

GamesRadar: Hitman 3 builds intricate worlds of exquisite murder to unravel

IGN: Hitman 3 – The Final Preview

Kotaku Australia: Naturally, Hitman 3 is great dumb fun

Metro: Hitman 3 hands-on preview – assassination sandbox

PC Gamer: Solving a murder mystery in Hitman 3's coolest new level

PCGamesN: With Hitman 3, more of the same has never been more appealing

PC Invasion: Hitman 3 preview – Beginning the end of a bloody journey

Polygon: Hitman 3 has a secret weapon – its story

Rock Paper Shotgun: Hitman 3's murder mystery parody level is the most fun I've had playing Hitman

Shacknews: Hitman 3 hands-on preview – Good evening, 47

TheSixthAxis: Hitman 3 rounds out the trilogy with new gadgets and a lashing of soulslike exploration

The Telegraph: Hitman 3 – Concluding chapter set to be killer send off for Agent 47

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VentureBeat: Hitman 3’s shortcuts are indicative of IO Interactive’s smart designVideo

VG247 – Hitman 3 is a confident, iterative trilogy finale that looks as brilliant as its predecessors

Washington Post: Hitman 3 goes knives out with a full-on mansion murder mystery, and it's awesome

Windows Central – Hitman 3 preview: The series masters its craft


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