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Hitman VR controls

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So I'm a bit late to the game here I see, bit I've just heard about Hitman 3 having a VR option on PSVR. Holy geez what a dream come true! As I've been diving into whatever info I can find I'm seeing a lot about how they have been running the game with ds4 controls. This seems to have a lot of people bummed out. I'm not too familiar with any of the VR systems as I've been waiting on the tech to get better enough to offer an experience that wasn't to "gamey/arcadey" and give us something as immersive as Hitman 3 looks like it could be. From what I understand using the ds4 controller wouldn't be the as immersive because you would manipulating the game with your hands. Basically not utilizing motion controls. In all of the demos I've seen I/O release it seems very much like a motion controller of some sort is used to knock out a guard with a crow bar, blind fire a pistol around corners, knock out a guard with a punch after tapping his shoulder, ect. All of the examples sure seem like a motion controller of sorts is being used, but I/O hasn't shown any footage of someone playing so we don't know how what happens in the game correlates to what the player is doing. This seems like something the developers would be excited to showcase. This also feels noteworthy, but I could have missed something; they have only mentioned the controllers being used when asked about it by the community and details give have been minimal. I feel like the developers want to tell us more but they are holding back info. This bring me to PSVR 2 of which there is also little available info. I think Hitman 3 will utilize a new PSVR 2 controller, but since Sony hasn't release any official info on the new controllers I/O had to careful of what info they release.

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TL/DR Hitman 3 will probably utilize Sony's new motion controls but can't tell us yet because Sony hasn't released info on them yet.


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