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Hollow Knight is Dark Souls Metroidvania… and I hate that

Content of the article: "Hollow Knight is Dark Souls Metroidvania… and I hate that"

Just finished playing Hollow Knight, got the "bad ending", then tried to go for one of the better endings but I simply don't have the patience for it…


  • You don't need me to tell you that the art direction is excellent, also the music and the general presentation are superb.

  • I genuinely love the exploration design, the fact that you are not told where to go and you just kinda stumble into important stuff like upgrades and story bits without any guidance, reminded me of BOTW, a game I loved back when it launched.

  • Controls are tight and responsive most of the times, specially when platforming is involved.

  • Dark Souls style breadcrumb narrative feels organic


  • The almost monochromatic art style can make it difficult at times to distiguish enemies fron backgrounds. I admit It's a rare ocurrence, but IMO that shouldn't ever happen.

  • Dark Souls style breadcrumb narrative is boringly grimdark.

  • Some design choices and events are apparently made just to aggravate players and add nothing to the gameplay beyond just making the game tedious or harder. To name a few:

** You don't make a map while exploring, you have to find the map guy AND buy a Quill, AND get to a save point for it to update

** Save points are few and far between. Speciallu aggravating late game where tough bosses are 3-5 minutes away from your checkpoint. Stop wasting my time, game.

** You have to equip items to fix what are basic things in any other game, like actually seeing your position in the map or having no knockback on your own sword slashes. That means wasting notch space for actual upgrades. It's not harder, just a nuissance.

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** The whole Dark Souls "losing your stuff" if you die, and you're fucked if you die again on your way to pick it up. Not fun, not challenging, just tedious.

** The bank npc that would ameliorate the last point fucking robs you and dissapears, yeah, you can get the money back later, but you still get no bank function back.

** Controls can be too tight and unforgiving. For example, you can't begin holding the Focus button to heal while you are jumping, you have to wait until you land to press the button for it to register and actually do anything. This is most evident on bosses, and basically the whole endgame is one boss after another.

In general I think the game is quite good, but it gets too frustrating for me. I simply don't have the patience and will to "git gud". The last leg of the game basically kinda ruined it for me.

I've seen a lot of people praising it beyond reason, and while I can appreciate its merits, I just don't see it as a masterpiece, I think it went too far into pleasing the twitch streamer hardcore bunch, and left little space for the rest of us people.


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