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Hopeful Science Fiction Games?

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I'm playing Satisfactory right now. It's a good game, but it's yet another in a long line of "corporate dystopia where your equipment is more important than you" games that I've played in the last year: Subnautica and its sequel, Journey to the Savage Planet, Outer Worlds, etc. Beyond that, I just played Neo Cab, and of course I've played the Fallout series. Cyberpunk is coming out this year, and Shipbreaker is probably next on the stack. It's not that I dislike the subgenre; I've enjoyed all these games. I think they can be used to make incisive and insightful commentary on modern capitalism, privacy issues, etc., but I am So. Fucking. Sick. of them right now.

I just… man, I want to play something where I feel like I'm building a better future for humanity, or forging out in search of new opportunities or helping to improve a galactic civilization, just something that isn't yet another oh-so-current take on how awful capitalism is and how it's going to consume us all. Like, I'm already onboard there. I just want to play something where humanity beats its self-destructive impulses and works towards a better future.

I want a Star Trek or a Flash Gordon or the Martian or… something where humanity in the year 2500 isn't fucking each other over for a dollar. Can anyone help me out? Please just not No Man's Sky, I found that game bland as hell the last three times I tried it.

p.s. Before someone comes in and gives me the "well, science fiction should hold up a mirror to humanity and its foibles and blah blah blah," spare me. The mirror doesn't always have to be dark. Mirrors can be used to mold our better selves instead of reflect on our worst selves. Both have their place, but I need something that does the former instead of the latter.

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