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Horizon Zero Dawn

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I bought the game on PS4 maybe a year ago, started playing but ultimately waited until it dropped on PC (so funnily enough, I'm patient in that it's a 2017 title, but it's also new release on PC at the same time).

I just loved this game. The story premise was my favorite of any video game, I absolutely love Aloy, and I really enjoyed the setting. There were some parts were the execution was lacking in certain areas, so it's not my favorite game of all time. The whole game was a giant mystery that begged to be solved.

The combat was SO SO much better than any action RPG I've played in years. There was a lot more strategy available than say, witcher (slash, dodge, slash, dodge gets suuuuper old in that game even though I loved the game overall). Coming from playing the last of us part two before this, which made me literally want to never do anything stealthy ever again probably the rest of my life, I was SO happy to be able to just choose stealth when it made sense, and to blast through enemies when I wanted to save time and it didn't matter anyway. I hate forced stealth in games, and in Horizon, it's quite often a reasonable option, but not a necessity.

Also I loved the resource management, and that you gathered resources from the wild and through hunting enemies in the game. It made you feel part of the world moreso than just buying most things from merchants, and it played into the setting so well. Sometimes it felt very slow and deliberate (gathering wood for arrows, medicine from bushes, etc), but I loved it so much.

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One of the weakest points to the game was the side questing. It wasn't bad, it was just like similar quality to something like skryim. The Witcher 3, which this game can't escape comparisons with, just blows HZD out of the water in terms of side questing quality.

If you have access to a PS4 or a quite high end PC (there are bugs still), I HIGHLY recommend this game.


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