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How did you get used to playing (story rich) horror games? Where should I start?

I'm a BIG whimp. I've suffered with anxiety for a long long time, and for that reason kept away from anything horror-esque. Over the years however I've been working on getting myself better and I've started to dip my toes into horror. Mostly just with the H.P. Lovecraft audio books which I LOVE, and has shown me that I actually enjoy the stories and the unique creatures horror can give us. Having grown up with having panic attacks by people sneaking up on me, I'm all too familiar with that feeling of jump scares and it's not fun. That was a few years ago now however and I'm hoping therapy and just general personal growth might have toughened me up at least a little bit to get started on the genre. I just finished watching a playthrough of The Medium as it just came out, and I figured I'd never play it as it's tagged horror (and I can't really afford to buy full priced games right now anyway, hence my existence here!).


I really REALLY enjoyed it. The story and creature design was really engaging to me and I'm gutted I didn't play through it myself. It's made me now a bit more determined to try and not be such a big whimp with story rich horror games. I don't have any idea where to start, and how to stop myself from psyching myself out or closing the game at the first jump scare and never looking at it again. I have no intention of throwing myself in the deep end, but I have cut myself off from all things horror my entire life. I have no idea what games are the deep end, what's the kiddie's pool, and everything in-between. I'm hoping some of you guys could maybe point me in the direction of some story rich horror or horror-esque games to get started. I'm also hoping maybe for some helpful tips on how to adjust to the genre without ending up with me in the corner, hugging my ferrets and crying.

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I am only interested in story rich horror games. I'm not looking to scare myself for the sake of scaring myself. I just want a good story to get immersed in as that's why I started gaming in the first place.


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