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How do I make private servers for iOS/Android games?

I really need this answered URGENTLY!

r/BlueStacks removed this because of "'Cheats/Mods/Hacks' We do not allow any discussion about cheats, hacks, warez, rooting, glitches, mods, any other exploits, or piracy." So is there ANY sub reddits that do support or accept topics like this? And in case you're unfamiliar, "private server" refers to a freeshard or server emulator – a reimplementation of a multiplayer-based online game.

It seems MMO games are becoming the norm these days. More of these games means more grinding just to meet specific requirements. And I'm becoming fed up with postponing my animation projects just to get my LTQ equipment/rewards (more about that later on). There comes a time and place where we all have to say "enough is enough". And eventually, these games will have to come to an end too. It's sad to see Super Mario Maker go; I had a great "guess this song" maker level in the works, but all these games slowed me down… until it was too late. This is every gamer's worst nightmare. And if my router goes on the fritz while trying to acquire a special LTQ prize, then I'm really in trouble.

If it starts, it has to end. And some of these games have already met that fate.

So without further ado, here are the games I need brought to a touch screen server emulator in something like BlueStacks (I want to play these on my computer):

Zombie Gunship Survival – Flaregames GmbH

Zero City: Zombie Apocalypse – MY COM

Left to Survive: Zombie Game – MY COM

Crime City – Deca Games EOOD (Formerly GREE/Funzio Games)

Modern War – Deca Games EOOD (Formerly GREE/Funzio Games)

Kingdoms of Heckfire – A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd.


State of Survival – KingsGroup International AG

Puzzle Combat: Match-3 RPG – Zynga Inc.

War Machines: Tank Army Game – Fun Games For Free

No Zombies Allowed – Booyah

Medals of War – Nitro Games

Ever since Deca Games took over ownership of Crime City and Modern War, I am now only allowed 3 chances to get my gold refunded should I accidentally purchase something with gold. Plus, I can now only get free gold via a daily login. I used up 2 chances of gold refunds on accidental speedups so 1 more after that and I'm toast. A very slow wait til I'm able to purchase things that give bonus Energy Regen.It's self-explanatory why I want to get these games cleared quick: I want to play these games at my own pace (as I'm more of a single player, casual play-based person) and NOT have to cancel appointments, make excuses to not go to work so I can complete an LTQ, etc. I have other important things to do in real life and I need to fix my sleeping habits pronto. Many of these games nowadays makes it very hard on us to acquire premium currency for free. As always, I want to have control of a GM Account in all these games so I can manually generate the top best stat equipment/weapons with specific traits, have unlimited premium currencies (cryptocoins, gold, jewels/gems, etc) so I can get the researching/equipment upgrades to max quickly, have the max level town hall/shelter/base, all event-exclusive equipment, unlimited resources, not get attacked while AFK, manually generated legendary equipment with specific traits, max level buildings, etc.

I also need to have a GM account in all these games as I want to see what assets they all have. I want to utilize these games' assets (resources, consumables, equipment, weapons, maps, currencies, machines, etc.) to be used in my animation projects; they look like they could play some sort of useful role in my animation projects' scripts/storylines. Because ever since MapleStory 2 came out and I stumbled upon MikuMikuDance, I thought about migrating my animation projects to the 3D world since I first started using Maya and Blender to make and port things from video games for MikuMikuDance. All I ever wanted to do was join the animation community with a novel idea I hatched. But these games kept slowing me down due to the grinding time I spend on them.

If you succeeded in making a private server for any of the above games, how did you do it? Is there other programs other than MySQL that allows you to run or emulate servers of (touch screen) MMORPGs?


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