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How do people play only one character?

For me personally. I'm a lifelong altaholic. When I play games that let you be "everything" think, like UO, or Albion. I make one character and I'm good, but when games have hard classes I almost instantly make one of each class to see which one I like then end up trying to play them all. I have at least one of every class in every popular non-eastern MMO. (I wish FFXIV's aesthetic was for me, but sadly it's not!).

For me, the thing I enjoy is the moment to moment gameplay. Sometimes I want to be up front with a sword and board, other times, I want to spell cast, other times, I like hunters or rogues, you get the idea, and I'll use this in WoW terms, since that's what I'm playing the most at the moment, but it applies to most of the MMO's I play/have played.

I like individual things about classes, I love shape shifting on a druid, I love throwing wings up and hammering on my paladin, I love the rotation of my MM hunter, or sniping from a ledge. I love deathgripping on my death knight, and army of the dead is great fun. On my Demon hunter, I love zipping about and backflipping out of danger. The moment to moment stuff is amazing. But no single character is amazing enough to be "the one".

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The problem I have is I cannot pick a single class. I've not been able to in the 15+ years I've been playing mmo's. It's a real issue because I ALWAYS burn out chasing my tail about making characters playable. In fact, as soon as a character is up to date, as in… a reasonable iLevel, story complete, the right legendaries, mage tower appearance etc, I stop playing that character to focus on another, I never really get to enjoy the fruits of my labor because I'm so busy trying to get "up to speed" with everyone.

For example, I'll spend an evening in the Maw, then I'll spend an evening on callings, then the next two nights, it will be Torghast, then another round of callings, then the weeks over and it all starts again. I don't play every night, so I'm pretty time poor trying to make all of this work. While people tout this expansion as alt friendly, I kind of disagree. I'm currently only playing 4 characters (one for each covenant) and I'm really struggling trying to keep them up to speed.

I'm in a raiding guild with one of my toons, but I can't find the time to raid. I've wanted to hit 1800 with my paladin for the classic transmog which I used to have (just rank 11), but I just run out of time everywhere, but if I focus on one, I'll just be so far behind. I tend to focus on timegated stuff first due to opportunity cost, but it means I can't do anything else.

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In many ways, I wish I just had one character that I could focus on, there are games that do that (like FFXIV) but I just don't like the moment to moment gameplay. I guess I'm wondering what everyone else does? How do you handle alts? Has anyone resolved themselves to a singular character successfully?


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