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How do you deal with being overloaded with games and not finishing games?

Normally I play one game because it allows me to focus on one storyline/gameplay mechanics and because I have a busy life it makes it feel like I can finish the game in a reasonable amount of time. But lately I’ve screwed that up.

I was playing Dragon Age: Origins and needed a break from the Deep Roads. I felt like playing Fallout 4, finished it. And then I was on a Fallout kick and started New Vegas. And then I wanted to play Skyrim again so I thought I would try Oblivion instead. And then I got tired of only having games with clunky gameplay so I started Control. But it was kinda… heavy and then I felt like I needed a short game so I started Mirror’s Edge. And then I thought I needed a story heavy sci-if story and tried Mass Effect…

I’ve got 6 games on the go, I don’t really love or hate any of them right now but the idea of dropping any of them gives me anxiety. I don’t feel like I can ever finish them (especially not with online school) and I’ve just been avoiding playing games now.

I feel like I either have to finish games (edit: to clarify I like finishing games) or officially say “I don’t like this game” and uninstall it.

When you get overloaded with games, what do you do?

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Edit: I wasn’t sure if I should post an update or not or whether posting updates is appreciated here. I’ve read a lot of the comments though and I followed some advice: I made lists of my games and notes and where I was and organized them based on playing now/playing later. I thought a lot about whether I was truly enjoying a game and whether I needed to finish it. Organizing and visualizing my list definitely helped and being able to mentally check off something as “later” made me feel less overwhelmed/incomplete. I deleted the shortcuts for “later” games.

The games I’ve decided not to drop for now are DA:O and Control. Control because it’s fun to play (and not too long) and DAO because I’ve been playing it the longest. That being said, following some advice here I’m debating on just reading the wiki for what happens or watching YT and writing my own choices in my head.

I want to thank the top comment for pointing out depression. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me but online schooling and lockdown has definitely been affecting me and I think it’s at least partially responsible for me not being able to get into games and jumping around a lot. In the meantime, I’m going to try and take a small break from gaming (excluding playing with friends) and maybe go back to “comfort” games that are relaxing and that I don’t feel I have to finish (Skyrim and Minecraft for me).

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Thanks for the advice and ideas everybody.


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