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How do you think the new Xbox Series S will affect the market?

Content of the article: "How do you think the new Xbox Series S will affect the market?"

Original announcement tweet-

Xbox has just announced their second next gen console, will be releasing on November 10th, for $299, which is actually very cheap for a next gen console.

The trailer says that it has raytracing support, can play up to 120fps at 1440p (so not a 4K game machine like series x), and has all the next gen features the Series X has, including the fast nvme SSD, the quick resume feature, the fast load times, VRS, and more.


Personally me I think this was a very smart move creating a cheaper next gen console.

Most people are finding the next new box which can play their next fifa and call of duty, they are going to see that this is the cheapest, and bring it home.

Also, this does put quite a bit amount of pressure on Sony, because now they know it’s impossible to undercut the Series S, since the PS5 DE and PS5 have both the same specs so they can’t lower its costs, they’ll have to be very careful what they do next with the price.

My prediction is that the PS5 will be $499, and PS5 DE will be $449 or $399 if they are willing to take a bigger loss. I don’t believe they can go lower then that, because one, Sony is much smaller then Microsoft, and two, they can’t risk to go bankrupt.

Coming back to the Series S, this is incredible value at 299. I mean pair this up with gamepass, you have a great machine with 200+ games ready to play once you bring it home.

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There is also the All-Access program, which is basically financing your console, and for the series S, it’s $25 a month, no upfront costs, you also get 3 years of GamePass Ultimate, which I may remind you includes xCloud, XBL Gold, Game Pass console, and Game Pass PC.

Personally me, I think this console will fly off shelfs.

Edit- not sure why, but whenever I make a positive post about Xbox, I get downvoted to hell, I don’t see why this is the case?


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