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How exactly do I improve my skill with games? ( at the bottom)

Content of the article: "How exactly do I improve my skill with games? ( at the bottom)"

Hi all, I just stumbled upon this sub so I apologize if this question is asked everywhere.
I've started playing video games for over a decade now, and it is definitely a huge part of my life. I play all sorts of games, and am open to trying any game atleast once, and try to improve myself with said game.
I try to play casually in games and not care too much if I'm not playing competitive, but end up getting extremely frustrated if I don't do good / if a match doesnt go my way. I want to just play to have fun, but my way of having fun is by doing good, and it is so hard for me to drop that mindset. If I'm not doing good, I'm not having fun. So I want to improve.
Obviously improving is different from game to game, but 1 thing is similar across all games for me: I don't have the patience to get better. I hate getting demolished in a game like Tarkov or CSGO because it's so demoralizing to me and it makes me not want to get better, even though having bad times is part of gaming in general. I really, really want to improve in these games so I can actually enjoy them more, because losing over and over isnt fun for anyone, regardless of their mindset, but I just can't. I try picking up new things via videos, friends, or just watching other people play, but when I try to apply the new knowledge, it never works, and I feel like I'm in a hole in which I can't ever escape, no matter how badly I want to.
It's just, I want to improve, I seriously do, but I just get hammered in games and it makes me want to stop playing said games altogether. I understand that improving takes time and dedication, I do, but it's incredibly hard to stay on that path to improvement when there is so much resistance trying to push you off of that path. And that resistance usually succeeds, resulting in me leaving a game for up to months at a time, because I can't get better at it. It's awful. I just want to have fun with games and overcome challenges, be it smaller encounters, like a boss fight, or a game as a whole, but when there is so much against you, it feels impossible to want to continue.
TL;DR: I really want to improve my skill with games, but i have very little patience in trying to get better, and give up extremely quickly because I don't feel like I can ever get to a point where I can feel confident playing.

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I'm open to any and all discussions / criticism, and if you want me to explain something in further detail, just ask.
(Really sorry if this post seemed a bit rambly and repetitive, I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words.)


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