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How I handle mean trolls as a very small streamer

Oh hello! Let’s talk about horrible people joining your chat, when you’re a small streamer.

I’ve been streaming a lot more lately, since there’s a pandemic or something going on and I’m currently off both my jobs. It’s fundamentally fun, really just been cathartic at best and entertaining/challenging at worst.

That said, I’ve worked in hospitality for over a decade. I have a thick skin, a remarkably high opinion of myself, and am used to drunk adults doing dumb shit. Heh I’m not worried about my “cool” levels. A silly teenager trying to act a fool only makes me laugh.

Tonight, shortly into my stream, a troll came in and said the normal shit; “you suck, get a life, you’re not good at this…” blablabla. I just trolled him back and hit that fancy ban button (trying to just ignore). Didn’t think twice about it, tbh. Happens from time to time, to streamers big and small. Anyone who reads comments on the internet knows there are always shitbags.

What makes me think about it, and why I’m here: I got a discord message from a lurker a little bit ago (never seen them in chat), someone who has been watching me a lot apparently, and how the troll really hurt them; how it made them not want to stream. They said they’ve been watching me because I’m so new and keep making upgrades to OBS and stuff (and talking about what I do). Total random, and get the impression they want a platform to shine in. Hoping to send them a webcam and capture card, but that’s a story for another day. Back to the trollolol.

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That’s fucked up. Twitch is amazing because every single person can have a voice, sharing their passions and themselves. Every streamer here knows that putting yourself on a webcam can make you feel uncomfortable (to say the least). I struggled with my reply to the potential future streamer, and been thinking about it a lot…hence…here.

I hope everyone knows that trolls and people that make fake accounts just to fuck with people are probably so utterly sad and miserable in their lives, and they’re trying to take it out on someone they can reach that happens to be on a camera and a chat. They have something, at the detriment to others. It’s a shame, and taking the high road is always easier said than done.

I guess…I wanted to write something to let someone else who gets trolled and don’t necessarily have the confidence to just get over it/ban/move on…

You do have value. They suck. You win. Just remember how awesome that ban button is. Sucks for them more than you!

Nothing but love.


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