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How indie gaming lost it’s identity and becomed a marketable conveyor.

This may sounds crazy, but lately we see it. What are indie games actually? The word «indie» refers to «independent». This means the game should be developed without publisher only with developers budget. Technically we can say that Hellblade is indie game despite it feels more like another cinematic AAA game with photorealistic graphics.

But people consider indie as just a genre of games, which are using some elements that we can see in many indies. Pixel-art, the adobe flash era like visuals, different from AA and AAA games gameplay, cartoon graphics and etc.

And indie games are just closed their identity. Most of popular indie games lately are released by big publisher like 505 games or Devolver Digital with some restricts like how the game should be. Technically we can't say that Enter the Dungeon is indie game because it was published by Devolver Digital and just maded to earn money. It's not an art game. It's just a fun marketable game that we consider it as indie because it has cartoony pixel art graphics and don't feels like AAA games.

Sure, we can find some art games in indie segment, but it's a rare thing now and is usually overshadowed by hyped games, which are just become forgotten after the hype train.

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Therefore, indie games are now becomed more like a marketable product than just an art game. Most of them are just bunch of pixel-art roguelikes. We have many teal independent developers whore making games on enthusiasm. But most of them are, unfortunately, mediocre and are very primitive in many ways. I'm sitting on r/gamedev and noticed that many of the are uninteresting and boring. So we faced the problem of market oversaturation. Everyone can make a game. And steam is filled with thousands of indies.

Indie games are not dead, but it becomed less interesting phenomenon in gaming industry. No one is surprised by indies and gaming companies like Sony and Nintendo love to show them on directs because it makes a lot of money. Indie games stopped to be something unique or innovative like in the past.


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