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How many games do you actively play simultaneously?

Content of the article: "How many games do you actively play simultaneously?"

I've been thinking about folder usage on the PS since I saw an image of someone's home screen here. I got to wondering "huh, people use folders for games".

I have one folder on my PS in which all the useless preloaded apps I wish I could just delete are tossed in. Then I bury it at the end of my games list, just next to the library. I treat this folder more like a PS equivalent to the standard desktop computer trash can. The next best thing since I can't actually delete the contents.

But what I really couldn't help but notice was the number of games on this console, and not just a variety of different games, but even games and their sequel(s). Why would you need two, three, or even four titles of a series installed simultaneously, I wonder.

Maybe it's just me, because I do realize that there are countless gaming habits and tendencies, even passion or loyalty for a particular, game, studio, person, etc. But even still I'm surprised to see so many games installed that they need to be divided into folders.

I have a 1GB console, and even with 10+ games, 2 active users, and all their save data on the system it's barely at 50% capacity. Granted a few of the games are rather small (<20GB), but a few are rather large (>60GB), with one well over 100GB all on it's own.

I have never seen any reason to use a folder for organizing the games, even when I've had more than the usual 10 or so installed. It makes me wonder if I just play an abnormally fewer number of games simultaneously than the general population of gamers.

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Typically I activity play only one "new" game at a time, and passively play up to two others simultaneously. That is to say I focus my game time to play a 1st playthrough on a game. During that time I'm playing some variant of a NG+ in two other previously completed games, and will play these when I need a short break from my "main game".

I maintain an option for an easy to pick up, fun couch coop, as well as an option for non committal gaming sessions. I keep a low stress option for super passive time killing and a small collection of games I enjoy being in despite there being nothing left for me to legitimately accomplish. Often times these games include some option for online play where you may be able to assist other players who are playing. I also activity play one "battle royale" style game for when I need something to take up too much of my time and cause me unnecessary stress.

I will typically play a game until I either:

A) Complete it (I sometime will do this even if I don't particularly enjoy it)

B) 100% the game

C) Obtained as many trophies as I feel I am capable of achieving

After which I may continue to enjoy it for some time before ultimately deleting it and moving on to another new option (working through a major PS+ backlog currently).

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For an example my console consists of:

New game: Beyond: Two Souls

NG+: Nioh 2 and Ghost of Tsushima

Battle Royale: World of Tanks

Couch coop: Overcooked 2

Non committal: Mahjong (Yakuza Kiwami 2)

Relaxing: Journey

Installed and enjoy but not really playing anymore: Red Dead Redemption 2, Dark Souls II (not completed)

Recently deleted after not playing for long time: Bloodborne, Abzu, Sekiro

Recently tried and didn't enjoy/complete: Little Big Planet 3

Current installed total: 9

Recent installed total: 13

Folder usage: 0

Active playthrough: 1

Total active playing: 2

Note: For clarification I believe that the term "active" should imply that you're consistently playing a particular game at least once a week.


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