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How much safer is PSN from hackers compared to Steam?

Hey all. To make a long story short, I was close to getting my Steam account hacked, and I’ve started losing confidence in the platform. To that end I’m wonder whether I’d be safer from hackers if I stuck to gaming on a DRM free ecosystem like + GOG and/or a console ecosystem such as Playstation.

To expand on this a bit, I was targeted by a fellow member of one of my Discord servers who reported me for permanent suspension; they claimed that they meant to target someone who had pirated a copy of the game we were both following, but accidentally linked my account instead. After I reached out to Steam Support to try and resolve the matter, they then linked me to the ‘administrator’ that they personally contacted. This person then sent an email to me to reset my password (through the official Steam channel), but before I went through with the reset I investigated the admin a bit further, and it turned out that they were a known scammer. I then proceeded to quickly block and report him to Steam; I couldn’t find the original poster in time before I could report them as well.

While it’s good that I didn’t lose my account, my confidence in Steam as a whole has been greatly shaken, as this is the third time that my account has been wrongfully flagged in an attempt to try and hack my account; one of these times my account was in fact suspended. I was able to get it back a few hours after I got the notice, but in that moment I just felt completely numb for some reason. Not even sad or angry, just… empty.

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Now I don’t know if I’m going to end up going completely cold turkey on PC gaming, but I just don’t know how safe I really feel using Steam anymore, even though it’s the largest platform for new releases, especially for indie games that I love.

Putting that into account, I also have a Playstation 4, which I have a healthy mix of physical and digital games for. I haven’t really had any problems with Playstation in the past, and feel confident that the games I get from there will be safe as long as I take care of them. That and the fact that their catalogue will be backwards compatible for the PS5 is particularly encouraging.

But I’m curious to see what you all think. It might be that I’m jumping the gun a bit on this, but I’ve just been shafted by Steam so many times that I don’t feel as faithful as I used to. On the other hand, with such a vast library that I currently hold there, should I try sticking it through one more time, or do I count my losses and move forward on an alternate platform? Any input you guys might have on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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