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How PvP leveling should work (Firewall & Alvo devs, please read!)

Here's these 3 things:

  1. I like the "leveling triad" of unlocks, earning in-game money, and matching with other players of your skill level. I think that's a good system.
  2. There are 2 factors that influence one's level: Skill, and experience (time spent in-game/number of rounds played).
  3. Many of us don't play Firewall anymore because we suck at FPS's, and while the dynamics are super fun, the challenge is way too great to be fun.

Therefore, I'm calling on the devs to enact this new leveling system, which, so far as I can tell, solves all problems, worldwide, and will have more people like me that suck at PvP FPS's, or, actually, any competitive games, buy your products:

  1. Skill should be the ONLY thing that determines one's "level", and level should be the only thing that determines one's matchmaking. In other words, your skill alone determines who you get matched with. In Firewall, this would simply be one's KDR. High with high, low with low.
  2. One's level should be able to move upwards AND downwards. This one is key. That way, when I plateau while everyone else keeps getting better at a new game, or I come back after not playing for 6 months and suck for a couple weeks, or I get a TBI and now suck at the game I used to be good at, my dropping KDR will (hopefully really quickly; maybe my KDR over the last 10 rounds played?) begin to pair me with players more on my shitty level. Then I won't just say "Oh yeah this game is too hard to be fun" and just drop the controller.
  3. Unlocks should be determines ONLY by experience. That way someone who has even a 0 KDR can unlock better weapons as they play more rounds, giving them something to work towards and hopefully giving them a chance in the future of actually killing some fool.
  4. Earning in-game money should be determined by both skill and experience. So the loser with the 0 KDR (me) can still earn money towards new gear, but the incel that whoops everyone's ass is still being rewarded for being awesome at the game. Maybe he's earning 1.5x money for all his wins, or something.
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Fuckin please, devs! I suck at competitive shit and I'm quickly disincentivized from playing against these robo-humans who just instantly whoop my ass, so I don't play when it would otherwise be fun to play. I think this system would disincentivize/completely eliminate sandbagging, and would just have everyone playing, trying to win, and always moving towards a more fun, appropriately competitive experience, regardless of how good they are or how much time they're already spent in-game.

Thank you rant over. What do you guys think?


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