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How To Buy a Charger that Won’t Destroy Your Switch

How To Buy a Charger that Won't Destroy Your Switch

Ok so I just bought a new wall charger and was very nervous after hearing about the switches being bricked by cheap docks back in 2017/2018. But after doing some research I am going to share a summary of what I found and a very good resource. Everything seems to work for Switch and Switch Lite, but will edit if that appears to not be the case.


A Summary of the Internet's Research: A Two-Bullet TLDR;

There are 2 categories of wall chargers: 15W to 60W and then 65W to 100W

Dont ask me what happened to 0-15 and 60-65 idk sry

  • Anything under 60W that draws less than 3A is ok. (read: the switch can broker with any charger that provides up to 20V and 3A)

  • Anything that is over 65W is complicated: see explanation below.

What seems to be happening with these 65+W chargers is the Power Delivery protocol (PD) used to broker Voltage/Current between devices appears to not work (and this seems to be Nintendo's fault). There are ways to get around this: for example, use a cable that isn't spec'd for 5A (almost all USB-C to USB-C cables are spec'd for 3A max) to limit the max current (but from what I can tell, still need to be careful if a charger goes above 20V).

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A Good Source and Where I Got Most of My Information



Like all good papers…

Here to read about info for the 65W chargers and the 3 amp rule.

Here to read about one engineer's perspective on the whole bricking matter.




2 rules:

1) Under 60W, max 3 amps

2) Research how to use a 65W Charger before you buy one (links above)


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