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How to help my father-in-law become accustomed to using a PS4 controller?

Content of the article: "How to help my father-in-law become accustomed to using a PS4 controller?"

Hi all,

Hoping some of you can help,

Quick bit of backstory:

I've been a gamer for pretty much my entire life (26 now), grew up with them and still play today. I recently got a PS5 and therefore stopped using my PS4, my father-in-law (early 50s) has always been a bit of a 'geek' too (huge comic-book fan) but hasn't played any computer games since Medal of Honor on the PS1, he also recently retired early due to health issues so has been stuck indoors with nothing to do.
I therefore thought this is a good idea to lend him my PS4 and a few games to ease any boredom, and with him being a huge comic book (and Marvel) fan, I figured why not Spiderman, because it's a great game and I thought it was relatively simple.

This brings me to this issue;
What I took for granted is how easy I find it to use a dual-stick controller, whether it's an FPS, TPS, sports game whatever, I've never had an issue with controlling both sticks at the same time. The first thing I noticed when I lent the PS4 over is that he really struggles with being able to move and rotate the camera at the same time, particularly (for Spiderman) in the web swinging sections of the game – he'll often swing into walls and come to a halt and he's therefore struggling with a few chase scenes in the game. I've tried fiddling about with the camera settings, but nothing seems to help.
Is there a way I can somehow make it easier for him to use both sticks? It's more prominently an issue in FPS games, I've tried enabling auto-aim for those games that I can, but he still seems to struggle – it could be that this is simply muscle memory and will just be a case of practice makes perfect, but I wondered if there's any techniques or maybe even other games that will help make this easier for him? Has anyone experienced this issue in the past with those slightly older than us that didn't grow up with controllers?

TL;DR – Father-in-Law struggles with dual-stick on PS4 controller when playing games – any games/techniques I can recommend to help him out?

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