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how to tell if a game is dragging on for to long Or am I simply playing it to much?? Alien: Isolation

Recently got a new console and man xbox game pass is really something. Decided to go in and start knocking out my backlog and decided to start with an old game I'm sure everyone has atleast heard off. 2014 Alien: Isolation from the dev team that seemed to only make Total War games came a survival horror game that was inspired by the 1979 movie.

Let me tell you that THIS. GAME. IS. FANTASTIC. For the first half of the game in my opinion. The atmosphere, the alien that is hunting you down, the fact that you shiver everytime you pull out your pistol and it attracts the alien, the fact that the heat from some of your weapons like molotovs and the beeping of your radar can draw out the alien as well. This game is pretty masterfully crafted in making you feel like your actually being hunted and not that your playing against a computer ai that just walks in circle or something. It was sooooooooooo good… until i kept getting hunted over and over again.

Like i don't know how to explain this but the alien seems to be just hunting ME and as odd as that sounds its kinda bothersome. there are other people on the ship, talking and doing stuff hell there was a part where theres a soldier just walking in circles talking about how he wants to see his family and stuff to himself but the alien doesnt seem to care, but if i pull out my radar for a split second all of a sudden he's breathing down my neck. I played this on hard mode and jesus this game feels way to damn long after a while. It got me thinking that maybe its because its not meant to be played all in one sitting (which is what i was going for) but at the end when i beat it i looked and i logged in 27hrs which just seemed absurd for a game like this.

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I don't know, It went from a great start to my backlog journey to a meh one after hour…. 15 maybe. I also got a trophy for being killed by the alien 100 times… something less than 10% of players seemed to have gotten which is the same for the ending. Only 7% of people seemed to even bother to beat this game despite all the high praise I've always heard for this game.

What did you guys think of the game??? Was it to long or maybe i just should've played it in short bursts or something?


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