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HTTP Protocol over TLS SSL – PS5 Data hogging with handshakes

Most people are utterly unaware of the issue because 1 – there aren't that many PS5s in the wild and 2 – many people do not have capped internet.

I live in rural America. I have 250 gb a month. And that is a VERY generous plan.

I got my PS5 in February and started transferring things over. There was some downloading of course, but i blew through about 200 gigs in 2 weeks. That seemed higher than I anticipated. As you can figure, I watch my data like a hawk.

So in march I started testing. To my alarm, the system (the only thing connected to my router) was chewing through about 4 gigs an hour on average. Mind you, this is with no active downloads happening.

Of course I called support. I have received various answers from "this is your ISP's fault" to "that is normal data consumption for the system." These answers feel like low level tech support answers which are not based in reality and based on trying to get me off the phone.

This Tuesday I took my system to work (my internet is uncapped and the router is robust in its data tracking). I was able to isolate my PS5 client and watch the data burn. Here is what I uncovered.

After turning on the system it went immediately into high data consumption. With the HTTP Protocol over TLS SSL doing 99% of my total internet bandwidth. I am not proficient at what this means but I do understand that it has something to do with the handshake between my ISP, my system, and Sony's servers. Here is the image.

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I called Sony Support who recommended that I put it in safe mode and choose option 4. So I did with the same result after boot up

I did notice however, that after about an hour after each boot up, the system got tired of asking for handshakes and finally quit.

It would continue to fall until it was far closer to what it should be in terms of idle data consumption.

So I tried putting the system into rest mode with all the internet functions in rest mode active, thinking it would maintain all the handshakes made. It didn't. In this image you can see the data jump again. In the middle my system started an update download that I quickly stopped. But it does highlight the PS5 actually doing something besides the handshakes.

After an hour… the predictable fall of occurred yet again.

So here is my question.

Tech savvy folks – is there any bloomin reason that the system would NEED to consume all this data and run this protocol for a full hour on each bootup? Is this anywhere close to normal? Because it seems as if it is not and that something is broken in there. No one cares much since they have uncapped internet. But it does affect online play. I mean you have a system draining your bandwidth for an hour while you are gaming.

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So hopefully I am able to find answers.


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