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I am currently thinking up a credit system foe myself where i can “rebuy” my games to rekindle the joy of getting new games

I, like many others, currently own an inordinate amount of games, especially on steam.
And thats great! But its also not. Having many games at first seems like a great thing, but i think its doing me more harm than good.

I remember back when i was a kid and i got a new game for christmas, there was a rush of excitement, i couldn't wait to play it, and i really played it. it was either the new game or one of the few games i have but have already beaten many times.

And even when growing up and starting to make my own money, i bought new games very rarely, i wasn't rich, games and i wasn't really into steam at that time. I played mainly on consoles and when i played something on PC, I mostly bought physical copies. It wasn't the same as when i was a kid, but it was still pretty exciting.

Skip forward a few years, im not as poor anymore, i discovered the "joy" of cheap steam sales and some bad time management, there is me who keeps buying massive amounts of new games, while playing almost none of them. I bought consoles bundled with games, getting free games, from or epic games, but mostly i bought soooooo many games on steam sales and bundles on sites like fanatical and the list of games i own kept growing to ridiculous heights.

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By that time, buying a new game had long lost the rush of excitement it once gave me. It was just another item i put into a list, it was more like collecting and less like buying games.
A few weeks ago i set the rule for my self that im not buying new games, unless im buying it to play it right now. But looking at that huge library of games is still very daunting, and I am very susceptible to choice paralysis, i have a very hard time deciding anything.
And looking back on the last few years and seeing the small number of games i actually finished, i knew that had to make a few changes to my habits.

And one of those is a system that im currently thinking about, which I want to share today and maybe get some tips or feedback:

A "Credit"-System to kind of "rebuy" my games.

Its pretty self explanatory i think. I take all my games (maybe i'll keep a select few) and flag them all as "not owned" or something and i can buy them with "Game Credits".
I haven't decided yet how i am going to obtain these credits but here some ideas of mine:

  • Something like on Audible where you get 1 free audio book per month
  • i beat 1 game i get 1 credit
  • i could link them to tasks on my todo list, so big things like cleaning out the basement get me a credit
  • i read a book i get 1 credit
  • or a combination of them
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What do you think? Any suggestions?

Luckily i have an almost complete list of all the games i own, a giant excel sheet with all my games, when and where i bought them , plattform, ect.. (cause im that kind of guy^^) so this could be my kind of storefront, maybe i'll use something like, its a pretty good tool for something like this: you can make different lists and collections and there are images, descriptions and rewievs for every game.
I could literally browse my game collection like a game store. The only thing it can't do is keep track of the credits, but thats not a big issue.

Or maybe i'll just hack together my own tool, i am a programmer after all, depends on how useful excel or things like turn out to be for this.

So what do you guys think? Is it a good idea? Any feedback, critisism or suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

I don't think it's gonna be the same as actually buying a new game, but i think it'll help making the games feel special, motivate me to actually finish games, stopping me from starting 10 games at the same time.

and maybe sometimes i'll get a mini version of the excitement i had all those years ago, when i got a new game for christmas.

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