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I can’t believe I waited this long to play Bioshock

Content of the article: "I can’t believe I waited this long to play Bioshock"

So for whatever reason I skipped over Bioshock on release and as a result never played any of the games in the series. For about 5 years now a friend of mine has been trying to get me to play the series, but there was always something else that I was busy with, be it another game I started playing or something else taking my time.

I finally caved recently as I wanted something different to play to break up Divinity Original Sin 2. Man am I glad I finally did.

I've always loved the concept of underwater cities so the setting had me hooked immediately(of course I knew this going in). Gameplay wise it's nothing new nowadays, but it was still plenty enjoyable and unique. Got a nice variety of weapons and a selection of powers. I really like weapon upgrades and their visual impact, made the weapon upgrades fun outside of just the mechanical effects. Powers were also quite fun though having to switch to them mid combat could be frustrating at times. You also get passive buffs(called tonics) you can select and mix and match to affect various aspects of gameplay.

The story to me is probably the strongest part of this game. Light spoilers ahead, nothing specific, but if you intend to play this game I'd recommend not reading this part. At first the story was ridiculously weak and I was mostly playing for the combat and lore via audiologs. Then the story takes a turn and lets just say it retroactively makes everything before it better and the story is center stage. I don' think it's a story I'll be forgetting anytime soon.

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There is a couple of things I didn't like. Firstly was the audio. I don't know what specifically was up, but it's like the surround sound was inaccurate, things not being where the sound is etc. Secondly was the stupid research system. I did not like this at all. Basically you can take photos of enemies to research them and get rewards(always on damage buffs, passive tonics, etc). In practice this meant I was running around with my camera out and tanking shots needlessly just so I could max the research gain on every enemy before killing them. Not to mention I was using 2 of my passive tonic slots just to make this process go faster for a majority of the game. Lastly the hacking mini game. So I actually quite enjoyed the hacking mini game initially, but it turned sour for me when I realised these mini games could be unsolvable regardless of how good and fast you were.

All in all I loved this game and have already started playing Bioshock 2. If anyone has, like me, given this game a pass, definitely give it a go.


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