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I can’t get myself to enjoy Control.

I recently subscribed to PSNow and with all the great reviews that flooded gaming subs for months, argueing how underrated the game was and even being some people GOTY, I'm not going to lie, I was really excited to try it.

Some hours in and I feel that I overhyped it. Playing this game has been a dreadful experience from the beginning and now all those reviews that I read seem to be an exaggeration.

First of all, the performance. I'm playing it on PS4 and it is really bad. Constant fps drops while in battles, nearly freezing for a few seconds when there is too much on screen, even when you wander arround the map I feel like sometimes it doesn't even hit 30fps.

Then the story. Don't get me wrong, it seems interesting but I hate how is told. For a game with fast combat and edge of the sofa OST, having to stop every two minutes to read some notes killed the pace to me. About cutscenes, theres a lot of them and suffer from no expressions on characters (same problem Horizon Zero Dawn had), specially the main one, and on the top of that, the voice acting in my language is bad and not synced.

Finally, the difficulty. I don't have any problem with hard games, with easier ones neither, but this game… One room you have 3 enemies behind you missing every shot and the next room you are getting two-shotted from the other corner. Compensating the lack of enemy variety with bullet-sponging feels cheap too.

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I think the combat is fun, the environment looks good for what it is and I don't mind the metroidvaniesque maze map but the negatives of the game make it too boring for me to continue. I will probably try it again on PS5 if I have the chance since it could solve some of my complaints.

Never had this kind of expirience with a well reviewd game, I guess there is always a first.


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