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I can’t play an evil playthrough is some of Bioware’s most beloved games (Kotor,Kotor II, Dragon Age Origins)

First off, I know Kotor 2 isn't a Bioware game. But it's a Bioware-inspired game happening in the same universe as a Bioware game.

A while ago I wanted to play an evil playthrough of Kotor:2. As far as I know, this game is the only game that has companions change their alignment to such an extreme degree. In this game, you can completely change the alignment of your companions and if you're evil, they will become evil as well.

This was an exciting idea I thought, I never played an evil character in those old games and I wanted to see how the influence over the companions played out.

However, didn't get further than the starting planet because of how childishly evil motivations are portrayed in this game. I couldn't imagine a reason why would my character behave in this way.

For example, one minor quest goes like this: Czerka is an evil corporation. There's a whistleblower that can testify against it. The local law enforcement wants you to find said whistleblower and escort him safely to the police station while Czerka wants you to find said whistleblower and assassinate him. For which they will give you 200 credits.

Now, 200 credits are barely enough to buy a med-pack. An item that you find for free around the world.

What possible motivation does my character have to help Czarka? Participate in an assassination the compensation for which is equivalent to bubblegum? The only reason I can see to do this is just that I'm a psychopath. I just want to kill someone and Czarka just gave me an excuse. But this motivation doesn't appeal to me as a player.

And this seems to be consistent through all the evil choices in KOTOR and KOTOR2. Evil is cartoonishly evil. And your motivation to be evil is just to see people suffer. And I just feel bad when playing out those scenarios. It isn't fun for me. It's screwing someone else over just to be an asshole.

This feeling in me also stems from the lack of incentive the game gives you to be evil. Usually, in the main quest, you have a certain goal and there is a good and an evil way to achieve it. And there is no meaningful difference between the two. If you choose the evil path, you have to jump through the same hoops you do when you go through the good path. Only you're a sociopath.

In 'Game Of Thrones' both Tywin Lannister and Ramsey Bolton are evil characters. But Ramsey is a sociopath who just wants to see people suffer. He has no motivation beyond that. In contrast, Tywin has reasons for his actions. Usually pretty good reasons. He would ruthless and excessively destroy his enemies. But this excess doesn't stem from sadism. It stems from a strategic and cold calculation. To deter other enemies from rising up against him.

This reminds me of how 'evil' choices are handled in the Mass Effect series. The choices there aren't evil for evil's sake. If Renegade Shapered sees a cute kitten, he's not going to strangle it just for the pleasure of seeing it die.

'Evil' in Mass Effect is more of a 'cold and ruthless calculation' to get the upper hand and not purely evil.

For instance, in the DLC of ME1, a terrorist captures a bunch of civilians and sets a bomb that will kill them. You have a choice: pursue the terrorist and leave the civilians to die, or do the opposite, save the civilians and let the terrorist go.

Here there is a clear and logical motivation for the 'evil' choice. A non-nonsense full renegade Shaperd might think that if you let a terrorist go, he will do more terrorist acts. So the cold and pragmatic thing to do is to kill the terrorist right now even if it comes at the price of innocent hostages.


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