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I could care less about the party recordy thingy (in ToS), but the messages and party linkage is so garbage. Rant+Discussion

Content of the article: "I could care less about the party recordy thingy (in ToS), but the messages and party linkage is so garbage. Rant+Discussion"

If you’re anything like me, you have a main group of friends that you play with, and a bunch of randoms on your friends list you play with every once in a while. Every once in a blue moon, they’re not on, or playing a game you don’t have. In that case, you go to the party screen, and join a party of one of the randoms.

But guess what, fuck you cause we can’t do that anymore. It used to be so easy to see what your other friends were playing, and see if you want to join their party, and enjoy some gaming with some fresh people. Now, you have to be in a message group to join any type of party.

That is so cumbersome; now I gotta make a whole ass message group, to have only those people join the party, while before, people were able to come in and out with ease, except for when the party was private.

Since when was social networking less about finding new people to play with, and now cornering yourself with the same old people everyday? I have a lot of people and their groups that I play/chat with outside of my main group on a regular basis. Now, in order to join them, I have to have them add me to their messages group. This is the epitome of “if it ain’t broken, why fix it?”

For those trying to say, “bUt NoW iTs MoRe SeCuRe,” 1) Private parties were a thing, 2) host could kick anyone, and 3) point of social networks are to make friends, especially on gaming networks since there’s a common hobby.

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Speaking of hosts, why are there no hosts to the parties now? Now, what if you add hella people to a message group because you got bored and you wanted people to play with. Now, they are being rude and whatnot.

You used to be able to bust out “the shape of Italy”, and boom; they’re gone. Now there’s no host, which is stupid if we’re supposed to be all about moderation and safety.

Last gripe: why is muting people in a party one-sided now? Before, I could mute anyone, and they couldn’t hear me, while I couldn’t hear them.

Now, if I mute someone, they can hear me, while I can’t hear them. Is this some type of trust exercise?

Muting people was a quick and easy way to have a private conversation without unwanted ears listening, and/or a way to play a competitive game (eg; r6 siege, rogue company, cod search and destroy, warzone, fort, etc) without annoying the others, without having to leave the party.

All in all, this update is absolute garbage. If I had to base my next console purchase only on the most recent updates of each platform, I’d be heading right back to Xbox.



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