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I didn’t expect Fallout 3 to become one of my favorite games

Content of the article: "I didn’t expect Fallout 3 to become one of my favorite games"

I have a PS4 and a mid-end PC, but I rarely played anything on my PC, until a while ago. I saw the Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition was quite cheap, so I decided to give it a try. I didn't expect much of it, because I only played modern games and therefore thougt I'd get bored within an hour because it would be so buggy, clunky and dated.

It took a while to get it working properly on Windows 10, but now it works just fine. I'm not very comfortable with keyboard and mouse so I emulated my PS4 controller as an Xbox 360 controller and it works perfectly.

Like I said I didn't expect much of it, but I'm completely blown away. When this game came out I had just turned 4 so I'm not a classic gamer at all. Unlike my friends and other teenagers I play lots of singleplayer games so it's not like it's my favorite game of only a small amount of games I've played. Normally when I play singleplayer games, I notice so many points the game could improve on and I sometimes don't even enjoy it, but Fallout 3 is always fun and it never really gets tedious or repetitive. I also played Fallout 1(I was interested in the lore but I couldn't stand the turn based combat) and Fallout 4, but when I played 4 I was a lot younger and my English was way worse, so I didn't really know what was going on and therefore got bored really quickly.

I love this game for the same reasons probably most Fallout fans love it; the amazing atmosphere, actual good humor, memorable quests, the unique V.AT.S. combat system, nice inventory management, of course the interaction with npc's, how your choices (who you kill, what you say) actually matter and how many things are based on luck and chances. I also like how the skills are really unique. Some quests require a certain skill of a certain level and clothing can add points to a skill (for example, a lab coat gives Science points, a mechanic outfit gives Repair points etc.) or some skills give extra dialogue options.

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I also must say I sometimes even forget the game is more than a decade old as the graphics still look really good, the gunplay is still good and I never really die by bugs or glitches (apart from the occasional crash, but that doesn't happen often and the game saves when you sleep in a bed or enter a new area).

With other games I'd already have been bored but now (I have 18 hours on my save file, but probably around 25 including messing around in old saves) I just want to play more and the fact that I can still put tons of hours into this game and play other Fallouts makes me so happy. I can't wait to do more quests, help NPCs, explore the map and play the DLC's. In my opinion a first playthrough should always be vanilla, but I'm sure there are tons of mods to make the experience even better.

So, if you haven't played it and you like FPS and RPG games and getting absolutely immersed in a game, I highly recommend it. I don't think you need to play the previous Fallout games, 3 is practically a new story and there are barely any references. I'll be getting a gaming chair for my birthday so I'll be playing more older, popular games on my PC

TL;DR: teenager who mostly plays modern singleplayer games, expected it to be buggy and dated, turned out to be one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played


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