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I didn’t like MOBAs until I played Heroes of the Storm

Content of the article: "I didn’t like MOBAs until I played Heroes of the Storm"

Back when MOBAs were particularly hot I tried a whole bunch of them. My friends and I kept jumping from one to the next but we could never agree on which we'd actually want to play consistently. I never really took to the genre at all, so I was happy when we collectively decided to just abandon the genre entirely. But not before we tried Heroes of the Storm for a few hours… and it hooked me!

I've been playing this game for about four years now, on and off, and I still really enjoy it.

No nonsense item shop, no kill stealing, no hour long matches, it was exactly what I'd been looking for. If you've tried MOBAs before or want to try one for the first time, I highly recommend Blizzard's take on it with Heroes of the Storm.

  • Free-to-play, but no pay-to-win mechanics.

  • Matches last about 20 minutes.

  • Completing daily 'quests' gives gold, gold unlocks new heroes. You get one quest per day and you can have up to three quests active. They don't expire.

  • Every week a semi-random selection of Heroes is temporarily unlocked, letting you freely play any heroes you don't already have. Only the latest Hero that was added to the game is always locked.

  • Many game modes, from quick play and bot games to competitive and fun rule-bending brawls.

  • Shared experience points, so no kill-stealing nonsense. A team levels up together.

  • Strong focus on clever tactics and combing unique abilities.

  • Regular patches that re-balance Heroes that are considered too powerful, or completely rework Heroes that are unpopular.

  • Large map variety (always with 2 or 3 minion lanes), with each map having a unique objective to help you win more easily, and a unique combination of mercenary camps to capture.

  • Many truly unique heroes, like Abathur (can manipulate the battle from anywhere on the map), Deathwing (completely immune to stuns, roots and slows but cannot be healed or aided by allies in any way), Lost Vikings (control 3 heroes simultaneously), Murky (easily killed but awards very little XP and respawns very quickly) and Cho'Gall (two-headed ogre that requires two players to control).

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Like me you might have little interest in MOBAs, but that makes Heroes of the Storm all the more of a recommendation. It's elegant in its simplicity, is easily played in short bursts and has tons of variety when it comes to its maps, Heroes and their unique abilities.

Give it a chance to win you over!


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